Serial killers? What criminology tells us about the Prati murders

Serial killers? What criminology tells us about the Prati murders
Serial killers? What criminology tells us about the Prati murders
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The spree killerson the other hand, kills two or more people in the same homicidal act and in more location, but which are usually quite close together. So without the characteristic serial killer cool-down period. Normally the spree killer has a general objective: it means that it could also hit random victims, despite having a target, who may be in its path.


The study of the victims is useful for looking for any similarities between the homicidesi, but although it is a key element of the investigation, it may not be decisive. In this case the victims are linked by gender, female, but according to initial information, the age could be different: the Colombian victim was 65 years old, while the two Chinese victims seem to have been one forty years old and the other less. But for now there are still not enough elements on this point. The profession, prostitutes or escorts, seems to overlap for all three victims, as long as the information is correct. The fact that they came from different countries could be an element that clashes, but in victimology it could also mean the opposite: all three victims were not Italian.

Usually a killer who chooses his victims is almost always faithful to a certain type of scheme and the victims are quite similar in physical characteristics, age, gender, and geographical origin. But there have been cases in which a killer has simply attacked foreign victims, or rather different from him or her. In the case of the victims of the Prati district, it seems that the attack was directed precisely at them and not by chance. According to the news, the hypothesis of a client who, disappointed or angry, reacted by beating the women to death is gaining ground.

The modus operandi

A single killer who kills at close range usually does not show much variation in the killing action, both in the type of weapon (although there are killers who carry more than one and use them all) and in the type of wounds inflicted. However, a difference in the wounds could emerge if in the meantime the anger that moves the killer subsides or if physical or psychological fatigue takes over.


It is the English term used for indicate the connections between the various murdersthe. Usually a connection is established starting from the conditions in which the victim is found. An important element are the wounds on the body, as they tell a lot about the killer. For example, its strength can be determined: depending on anger, it goes without saying that a small and very light person strikes differently from a tall and handsome one. The body district of the wounds is also important: a killer who aims at the throat usually continues to strike at the throat, especially if he has already experienced the lethal effect. And, indeed, he wants to kill. The geographical profile is also part of the linkage: if the victims were found in the same area, the hypothesis of a link must be taken into consideration. Just as in the case of the three victims in Rome: the fact that the apartments are less than a kilometer away, that all three victims were killed with bladed weapons and that they were, it seems, prostitutes are all elements that lead us to connect the murders. But only more in-depth investigations, and above all the search for a single DNA on the three bodies could be useful. Although it could not be excluded that an identical DNA on all three could mean that they came into contact with a person who did not necessarily kill them.

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The profile

A very peculiar serial killer was Donato Bilancia who killed seventeen people, women and men, of different ages and for different reasons. Libra has gone down in the news, and in criminal history, as the train serial killer. Yet he has killed more elsewhere than on trains. But it was later possible to connect the murders he had previously committed starting from those of the trains, whose modus operandi it was clear, determined. A killer who takes it out on a category of people, such as prostitutes, for example, he could act convinced that he is fulfilling a mission: for example, to cleanse the world of sin. In these cases, it is essential to analyze the unsolved cases that have similar characteristics and victims in search of any other elements if we really think of the same murderous hand. Which certainly the investigators are already doing.

The fact remains that there are still too few known elements to talk about both serial killers and spree killers. It is advisable to wait for the investigations, without putting pressure on those who are working, so that concrete elements can be reached. The only ones that can be followed to locate the killer. Or the killers.

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