BLACK+DECKER, the best brushless drill driver at a BARGAIN price

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The brushless impact drill/driver BLACK+DECKER is considered one of the best ever in the world. On the other hand, if the brand itself were not enough, a guarantee in this sense, they think about it the specifications to define its qualities. With this powerful accessory you can indeed play any job both home and professional with extreme ease. Buy it now on Amazon for only €65 with a 34% discount on the list price and free shipping.

Brushless drill/screwdriver with percussion

The motor with Brushless technology (without brushes) allows up to 25% more autonomy and up to 50% more product power (compared to the EGBL188 model) with 28,050 rounds per minute to drill up masonry and concrete. Excellent accuracy in every application is guaranteed by the 2 mechanical speeds (high speed for drilling in wood and metal, low speed for precise screwdriving) and the 24 tightening torque adjustment points.

In fact, the absence of brushes allows for less internal friction, allowing the product dispense up to 50% of more power and to achieve up to 25% greater autonomy compared to the model EGBL188 (18 V lithium percussion with brush motor by BLACK+DECKER). In addition, the Brushless technology allows a longer life of the product. Great for working in dark or dimly lit areas thanks to the handy LED work light. L’tightening accuracy it is further guaranteed by the 23 adjustment points of the tightening torque (up to 52Nm!) and by the speed regulation by means of a special trigger switch: maximum control always guaranteed.

There lithium batterysynonymous with full power until complete exhaustion, slow self-discharge and the possibility of recharging at any time thanks to the absence of the memory effect: lithium batteries are at least 50% lighter and smaller than NiCd and NiMh batteries, this allows for products that are much more ergonomic and practical to use. Recharge when you want: Lithium batteries they can be recharged at any timewithout having to wait for the complete discharge, since they are not affected by the annoying “memory effect”.

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