Autumn appointments in Sicily, among chestnuts, oil and wine

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Two days dedicated to the “culture” of the chestnut tree which from Etna crosses all of Sicily, up to the Aeolian Islands and Pantelleria, in whose woods specimens of this noble tree are recorded. The third edition of the Tree Festival will be held on 19 and 20 November in Milo, Catania. In Agrigento, on the other hand, on November 19, an appointment with Valle dei Templi Oil and Wine.

Autumn appointments in Sicily

Photo ©Turi Caggegi

Tribute to the chestnut

Organized by the cultural association Trucioli on the occasion of the National Tree Day which is celebrated every year on November 21st. Very high, very noble. Generous in shade and fruit, guardians of luxuriant undergrowth and very delicate ecosystems. In some cases, such as on Etna, majestic green patriarchs with millennia of history: a bit of a legend, more often a chronicle documented by botanical studies as early as 1611 and later spread throughout Europe by notebooks and watercolors of Grand Tour travellers.

The two days that will take place at theChestnut Ecomuseum di Fornazzo, a tiny mountain hamlet of Milo, where six sawmills are in operation, intertwined with the cultivation of chestnut trees whose woods are “coppice”, i.e. subject to being cut periodically (with cycles of 12, 14 or 24 years ), subject to authorization from the Forestry and the Park, give the woodcutters. After the cut from the stump, new stems (suckers) grow back.

Saturday day

Rich in interventions meeting on Saturday 19 November. Speakers: Carlo Caputo (President of the Etna Park Authority); the botanists Pietro Minissale (UniCT) and Tommaso La Mantia (UniPa) who will trace the history and role of the chestnut tree in the Sicilian forest ecosystem; Giuseppe Campo and Sebastiano Vecchio (Observatory for Plant Diseases, Acireale) who will talk about the project for the biological fight against the chestnut pinworm; Fulvio Viesi will arrive from Trentino (Chestnut Protection Association of Castione, TN) to illustrate the possible innovations of the supply chain; from Calabria Maria Antonietta Mascaro and Giuseppe Talarico – Community for the protection and enhancement of the chestnut groves of Reventino (CZ); the Slow Food network will be present with Riccardo Randello and Rosaria Olevano, who will report on the numbers of chestnut growing in Italy.

New wine and carbonic maceration

Finally, a wine stop with a focus on new wine and carbonic maceration, as an ancient method of red winemaking: Danilo Trapaninotto, delegate of Onav Catania, will talk about it. Following an autumn-themed dinner by Milo’s mothers who will cook traditional recipes and seasonal dishes such as pumpkin tortelli and pappardelle with chestnut flour.

Jean Houel, Chestnut Tree of the Hundred Horses, 1745 (St. Petersburg)

The Feast of Trees

Sunday will be full of outdoor activities with excursions to the chestnut tree of the 100 horses in Sant’Alfio where the fruits to be buried for the children’s workshop will be collected. Then we will continue towards the chestnut tree “The ship”. The guides will be professors La Mantia and Minissale together with Viesi. While the mushrooms of the Etna chestnut groves will be discussed at the Ecomuseum with the Bresadola mycological association. In the afternoon, in the park of the Ecomuseum, the children will plant the “children” of the secular chestnut tree and an olive tree donated by the Zero Waste Sicily association. Lunch will be organized by the community cooks.

photo Alex Ramsey

There “Feast of Trees” it has the patronage of the Municipalities of Milo and Sant’Alfio, the Etna Park, the Universities of Catania and Palermo, the Mipaaf (Ministry of Agricultural, Food and Forestry Policies), the Regional Department of Agriculture and the Bresadola Mycological Association of Catania.

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Valley of the Temples Oil and Wine

Appointment on November 19 in Agrigento with the zero edition of Valley of the Temples Oil and Winethe event organized by the Strada del Vino e dei Sapori della Valle dei Templi which aims to make the excellence of the area known to enthusiasts, winelovers and professionals in the food and wine sector.

The event will be held in the hall Thomas Fazello of the “Pietro Griffo” Archaeological Museum of the Valley of the Temples and will be a unique opportunity to meet more than 20 producers, get to know and taste up to 50 labels, participate in a conference and two master classes with industry experts. It will be a sensory journey to discover the two main wines of Sicily, Nero d’Avola and Grillo as well as some local oils.

The program of the day

The event will start at 9.30 with the conference entitled “The Nero d’Avola of the Valle dei Templi wine route, state of the art and prospects for the development of wines from the Valle dei Templi area” with the speakers Roberto Sciarratta, director of the Park and Museum of the “Valle dei Templi”, Giovanni B. Ficani coordinator of the Consortium Doc Sicily, Tonino Guzzo oenologist, Francesco Baldacchino AIS Sicily delegate, Calogero Romano agronomist and Luigi Bonsignore, president of the Road of Wine and Flavors of the Valley of the Temples.

At 12.00 a masterclass on nero d’Avola will follow, conducted by the AIS delegate of Palermo, Luigi Salvo. At 3.00 pm there will be a masterclass on extra virgin olive oil led by Massimo Carlino of the Val Paradiso Academy. At the same time, the tasting tables of the participating companies will be open free of charge.

These are the participating companies: G.Milazzo Agricultural Company, Baglio del Cristo di Campobello, Cva Canicattì, Lombardo Winery, Luna Sicana, Baglio Bonsignore Agricultural Company, Tenute Cuffaro, Bagliesi Vini Bio, Giuseppe Camilleri Agricultural Company, Val Paradiso, Tenute Lombardo, Company Vella farm, Salamone farm, Terre di Zaccanello, Morgante Vini, Carbonia oil company, Masseria del Feudo, Diodoros (products of the Valle dei Templi Park Authority).

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