Another tomorrow, today’s episode, November 18, 2022

Another tomorrow, today’s episode, November 18, 2022
Another tomorrow, today’s episode, November 18, 2022
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Also today, Friday 18 November 2022, at 4.50pm a new episode of Another tomorrow (“Dos vidas” the original title), the Spanish soap opera that the flagship network Mediaset decided to air in the summer months, pending the return of its daytime programs in the fall.

Another Tomorrow was broadcast in Spain from 2021 to 2022 on La 1for a total of 255 episodes: after having aired the soap throughout the summer, the series has been promoted in the autumn schedule, and therefore will continue to be aired in the coming months as well.

Either way, the series continues to tell the story of two young women, Julia (Laura Ledesma) e Carmen (Amparo Pinero). The first of her lives in today’s Madrid and is in search of the truth about her origins, the second lived in Spanish Guinea in the 1950s. Despite the time distance, the two are linked by being granddaughter and grandmother.


Another tomorrow, previews episode of November 18, 2022

Julia, exasperated by her mother’s interference Diana (Cristina de Inza) in her life and in that of Sergius (Miguel Brocca), would like to spend an evening in intimacy with him and convinces Mario (Chema Adeva) to take the woman to dinner. Elena (Aida de la Cruz) studies a project to avoid the reduction of the working day for the shop employees.


How to see Another Tomorrow on Mediaset Infinity

Were you unable to see today’s episode of Another Tomorrow and do you want to catch it up to keep up with the airing of the episodes on TV? No problem: Mediaset Infinity, Mediaset’s streaming platform, is at your aid.

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On Mediaset Infinity, in fact, it is not only possible to see the episodes in live streaming, but also to catch up on those already aired. By clicking here you can follow the live coverage of Canale 5; at this link, instead, the official page of the TV series, where it is possible to recover all the episodes.

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