Prati, double homicide in a building, killed two women. Found a third victim

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The reliefs in the building where the two women were found dead

Hunt for the killer of prostitutes in Rome. Two Chinese women were found murdered in Rome in a building on via Augusto Riboty, in the Prati district, near Piazzale Clodio. One was spilled on the landing of the house in a pool of blood, the other inside the apartment. The two women were roommates, apparently prostitutes, killed around 11. Shortly after twelve a transsexual was found murdered in via Durazzo, perhaps killed with a stab at home (read here).

Investigations are underway to establish the causes of the death of the two women: perhaps stabbed to death

The chilling discovery was made around 11 this morning, Thursday 17 November, near the square, by the building’s concierge: he immediately raised the alarm to the police forces.

A condominium of the building had noticed traces of blood and then saw a woman on the floor on the landing. She hoped, though, that she wasn’t dead. And she terrified she warned the porter.

The victim, apparently in his forties, according to the first investigations he had stab marks in the head and abdomen on his body.

For some time the neighbors had noticed a coming and going of men from the apartment where the two women lived, so much so that the hypothesis had circulated that they could be two prostitutes.

The reliefs

The men of the Flying Squad and the Scientific Police took care of the reliefs. The power of attorney ordered the recovery of the bodies. By tomorrow the assignment for the autopsy examination.

The identification of the two victims is still ongoing. In the meantime, the investigators, on behalf of the magistrate, are listening to some people who live in the building.

The men of the Scientific Police are also carrying out surveys on the door in search of fingerprints while colleagues are recovering footage from the video surveillance systems in the area.

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Prati, double homicide in a building, killed two women. Found a third victim 2

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Rome, also murdered a trans. Serial killer hypothesis

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