Saman Abbas, the father arrested in Pakistan for fraud: ready to accuse him also for the death of his daughter

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Shabbar Abbas was arrested by the Pakistani district police for defrauding a compatriot of $20,000, equal to 5 million Pakistani rupees. According to what “Quarto Grado” learns from police sources in Punjab – the region where the man fled and lives with his wife Nazia -, the Italian police would have forwarded the request to investigate the case of the death in Italy of his daughter Saman Abbas , the young woman who disappeared and was killed in the province of Reggio Emilia in May 2021. For the moment, as far as we know, no formal request has been made by Italy. Therefore, Abbas is only prosecuted for fraud, even if the man will also be questioned on the death of his daughter.

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Three days ago Pakistan had issued an arrest warrant against the parents of the young woman. This was announced by Maria José Falcicchia, director of the second division of Interpol, guest of the program on Rete4. «After a very long evaluation for a complicated and unprecedented case for them too», explained the manager, the local authorities «have decided to adopt the ‘red notice’, i.e. the request for international arrest already in the Interpol circuit, delegating the police authorities of Punjab, the region from which Saman’s family comes”.

The negotiations for the extradition, already requested by our country, could therefore open. «Pakistan cites an old treaty from 1972, but for us, extradition is not excluded. There is no current treaty signed by both countries and there is a courtesy extradition, an international custom that many countries often adopt – explained Falcicchia -. We are very confident in the sensitivity we have encountered from the Pakistani authorities, they have been two long years but not without commitment and continuous activities carried out by Interpol and by our security expert at the embassy in Pakistan”.


While Saman’s parents fled to Pakistan, his uncle Danish Hasnain – believed to be the material executor of the crime – and his cousins ​​Ikram Ijaz and Nomanhulaq Nomanhulaq were arrested and are in prison in Reggio Emilia. The trial will begin on 10 February which sees all five suspects (including their parents) indicted, accused in competition of kidnapping, murder and suppression of a corpse.

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November 11, 2022



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