New Peugeot XP400 2023: info, price, arrival date

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The roar of the lion. Peugeot has ambitious plans for 2023the goal is to regain possession of the market shares lost in recent years and to do so she certainly spared no efforts. The prime example is the return to the GT scooter segment with the new XP400, a sui generis GT given its adventure scooter look. Will he be the architect of the relaunch of the brand? Only time will tell, in the meantime let’s find out a bit about its characteristics, when it will arrive in dealerships and its price.

New Peugeot XP400 2023, presented at EICMA

SUVs have revolutionized the world of cars and their influence is starting to be felt even among scooters, last year at EICMA there were many urban proposals with off-road influences, same influences that are also recognized in the new XP400. Knobby wheels – if you want to fit on spoked rims – long travel suspension and motorcycle handlebars are common elements on these new “hybrids” between scooters and off-road motorcycles, on the other hand, the references to stylistic elements already seen on French cars such as the fang-shaped DRLs or the scratch of the three claws of the rear light are absolutely Peugeot.

PREMIUM EQUIPMENT Almost like a real SUV is also the equipment, the Peugeot XP400 is equipped with a dashboard with a connected 5 ” TFT screen with connectivity and navigation. The equipment is completed by the smartkey, which allows you to do without the ignition key and a USB socket, ideal for connecting or recharging your smartphone. With scooters, cargo space, just like for SUVs, cannot be missing. Under the two-seater saddle there is a compartment that can hold a full-face helmetbut among the options there is also a practical top case.


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New Peugeot XP400 2023, the version with accessories

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The secret of adventure scooters, especially those that go beyond simple aesthetic contamination, lies in the goodness of the mechanics. The Peugeot XP400 promises to be a viable alternative to the best ADV scooter in its class, that is Honda’s ADV 350. The engine is new single cylinder PowerMotion Euro5 approved 400 cc that develops 26.5 kW (36.7 hp) at 8,150 rpm, for a torque of 38.1 Nm at 5,400 rpm. The steel motorcycle frame works in tandem with a prominent suspension compartment, the upside-down fork offers a whopping 140mm of travel while at the rear there is a single shock absorber. The braking system, branded Peugeot, is composed of a pair of 295 mm discs at the front, bitten by radial-mount calipers and a single 240 mm diameter disc at the rear, to watch over all there is ABS. two-channel. The choice of tires is curious, the original equipment Pirellis are in size 110 / 70-17 ” at the front and 160 / 60-15 ” at the rear. The weight is 231 kg.

The new Peugeot XP400 2023 will be offered to the public in two versions, the Allure, proposed in Aurora Satin Green or Sideral Mat Black, and the richer GT, which is characterized by a smoked windshield, tubular protections with additional spotlights and spoke rims. The colors reserved for her are Shark Gray and Snow White. For both versions, marketing is expected to start from the end of the first quarter of 2023the price has not yet been formalized.

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