Rieti, a second lift arrives in the historic center – Corriere di Rieti

Rieti, a second lift arrives in the historic center – Corriere di Rieti
Rieti, a second lift arrives in the historic center – Corriere di Rieti
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Monica Clean

04 November 2022

After the realization of theelevator connecting away San Pietro Martire with piazza Cesare Battisti – which came into operation last September after years of hardships linked to contractors and an infinite series of bureaucratic hitches -, the municipal administration has taken a liking to it and intends to create a secondor. The new plant, which will unite Oberdan square with the area of ​​the city above, near the Flavio Vespasiano theaterdraws on the economic resources of those 17 million obtained in March of last year by the Department of Public Works in response to the ministerial announcement “quality of living” through which, among other things, the monumental complexes of the center – former Manni, former Cerroni hospice and Palazzo Javarroni in via della Verdura -, redeveloped arteries such as via Varrone, via Sant’Agnese, via Cintia, via Garibaldi and the squares Mazzini, Oberdan and Largo Cairoli and, the last chapter of the intervention, new infrastructures such as the Pozzi bridge and the lift were built del Pincetto, which will connect Largo Cairoli and Piazza Oberdan. An infrastructure that, underlines thecouncilor Claudia Chiarinelli, “Will break down the architectural barriers for the handicapped and will constitute a valid help and incentive to reach the historic center and the square also for mothers with wheelchairs rather than for the elderly”. “We are in the design phase – he adds – and the cost of the work will be approximately 400 thousand euros of funds’PinQua ‘ (national program for the quality of living). This will be a strategic link that should not require particularly long times in the implementation phase “. Even if, as we all know, it is always a risk to gamble on the times, being public works. The national innovative program for the quality of living is an investment plan envisaged by the NRP and promoted by Ministry of Infrastructure and Mobility sustainable to carry out social housing and urban regeneration interventions throughout Italy.

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