“ON AIR!” – COURSES: “Mou is the King of Rome, yesterday we lost with another coach”, PRUZZO: “I would not propose the Belotti-Abraham couple again”, FOCOLARI: “Tare is right: the Conference is the losers’ cup, Lazio is demonstrates “

“ON AIR!” – COURSES: “Mou is the King of Rome, yesterday we lost with another coach”, PRUZZO: “I would not propose the Belotti-Abraham couple again”, FOCOLARI: “Tare is right: the Conference is the losers’ cup, Lazio is demonstrates “
“ON AIR!” – COURSES: “Mou is the King of Rome, yesterday we lost with another coach”, PRUZZO: “I would not propose the Belotti-Abraham couple again”, FOCOLARI: “Tare is right: the Conference is the losers’ cup, Lazio is demonstrates “
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Mario Corsi (Sport Sound Center): “Tare said that the Conference is the cup of losers … it also takes intelligence to make certain statements, because then there are coaches like Mourinho who remind you of it … One of the few things I understood yesterday is that Mourinho is the King of Rome and of Rome. Today I heard everything, that Roma have no game … they still insist with this story, it is sickening. Roma are not yet a great team, and this match here, like the Conference final, would have lost it with another coach … A draft that arrived yesterday is that Roma are trying to renew Mou’s contract, and he he didn’t say no. But before signing he wants to know what kind of purchasing campaigns can be done, because now he no longer wants to win the Conference, but the championship … “

David Rossi (Sport Network): “Lazio forced to play in the Conference, a competition that Igli Tare defined no more than two weeks ago as “The cup of losers”, which is an appropriate assessment from today. Yesterday Sarri indirectly called him stupid saying that snubbing the Conference would be stupid: go and explain it to your ds, with whom, among other things, I do not think he is in good blood … The referee of Rome-Ludogorets? It was the same as Midtylland-Lazio, who had given him two penalties against: guys, but then it’s a conspiracy … The question of the questions is this: why doesn’t Roma play from the beginning with that intensity seen in the second half? Intensity makes all the difference in the world. Vina? He plays in every role, he is always ready, he works hard and has never said a word out of place … “

Gianluca Piacentini (Sport Network): “Roma had thought of managing in the first half, since it was enough to win one to zero, thinking that sooner or later they would have scored a goal by being stronger. After that, having taken the slap of the one to zero, the team that returns to the field in the second half is different as men, but above all in attitude. In 50 seconds they created more than they did in the entire first half. At the stadium there was a clear perception that something had changed. The 2-2 goal? If it hadn’t been canceled, I don’t know if Roma would have had the strength to go back, also because they had spent so much … “

Mimmo Ferretti (Tele Radio Stereo): “Ludogorets had a haughty attitude in the second half, and perhaps that too sparked off Roma. This morning I read the report cards and in my opinion someone saw another game: for example, Volpato’s performance was not evaluated correctly, he had the courage to try things that no one had the courage to do. And he was not removed from Mou because he was playing badly, but for a technical reason: at that moment of the game, after you had overturned him, you needed a more defensive player …

Roberto Pruzzo (Radio Radio): “In the group of Roma do 5, there is never anything easy, but he could have done better than what he did. I would never propose the Belotti-Abraham duo again, and I would not like to see Camara again from the first minute against Lazio. But not really at all. Unless he recovers with a five-man midfield, then he would also have logic. If, on the other hand, he has to play with that midfield there, Camara is a pinball machine, you never know where he is. And if he were to play Luis Alberto he would become a constant danger, because you don’t know how to mark him. The fact of not having a Methodist in front of the defense that makes the screen should force one of the three defenders to come out in turns, but they never come out and the opponents come to shoot a safe shot, and it is a problem. Lazio that plays without reference points in front and that acts between the lines creates a superiority in the middle of the field that can be decisive. In my opinion it will be the derby of fear, and I remain convinced that the draw could satisfy the two teams … “

Furio Focolari (Radio Radio): “That the Conference is the cup of losers is true, Tare is right, but now those words are on his back. This is demonstrated by Lazio, who have lost and it is right that they go and play the losers’ cup … Vote for Lazio? 4, did not qualify. Roma qualify as second, and I can’t give them enough … Yesterday Lazio played better than Roma, but they lost. And now he risks his third defeat in the derby. It is a poor derby, we risk returning to the derby of the great ring road even if at the moment I am fourth and fifth in the standings… Zaniolo? When he plays like this he is the great player we thought he was, the problem is that he happens to play like this every dad’s death. Roma suffered yesterday, it’s a team that plays strange football, it’s hard to understand, then Mou makes 30 changes and in the end the result comes and everyone says “what a good Mourinho with the changes“. Roma is a team that does not show who knows what things, plays a sparagnino kick that sometimes can go and every now and then doesn’t go … “

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Stefano Agresti (Radio Radio): “Lazio threw away the qualification, the irony of fate is that now Tare will have to play what used to be the losers’ cup and which has now become a goal of his season. It went very well at Roma, he played a horrible first half then put it back on its feet thanks to Zaniolo. There are players who are becoming a case, like the two strikers. Belotti is embarrassing in certain situations, he has never been a technical footballer, but yesterday he exaggerated. Better not to talk about the referee, because if it had happened with reversed parts I don’t know what would have happened with Mourinho … Vote for Roma in Europe? 5.5, he struggled to qualify in a group with Ludogorets … Lazio instead give 4 … The derby? I disagree with Furio (Hearths, ed) on the fact that the GRA derby is back, Rome and Lazio are ahead of Juventus and Inter. It is a very important derby for the standings, whoever wins gets to a very enviable position even considering that there will be Atalanta-Napoli. Zaniolo? When he plays it makes a difference, he is a superior player, when he finds space in front it is devastating. Sometimes I have the feeling that he is not even considered for what he is worth, when he is well he affects like few others. Rome must also be built around him, and around Dybala. The players who decide the matches … “

Xavier Jacobelli (Radio Radio): “Roma showed what can happen at half time, when Mou realizes that things are not going and changes. In the second half we saw another face of Rome, the best. To Roma overall, considering what happened to him in the initial phase of the competition, I give 6.5. The derby? Terribly important for both teams … “

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