Motorcycle accident in Cingoli: pub manager died

Motorcycle accident in Cingoli: pub manager died
Motorcycle accident in Cingoli: pub manager died
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TRAGEDY – William Corinaldesi, 41, resident of Filottrano, died at the Torrette hospital. He had had the accident on October 25 and had been hospitalized ever since. He had a club in Osimo, Samadam’s. He leaves his partner and two children

November 3, 2022 – 10:29 pm

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William Corinaldesi

He had had a very serious motorcycle accident in San Vittore, in Cingoli, last 25 October. William Corinaldesi, 41 year old manager of Samadam’s Pub in Osimo, did not make it and died at the Torrette hospital, where he had been hospitalized in very serious conditions, transported by helicopter. The man, resident in Filottrano and originally from Ancona, ended up on the ground after losing control of the vehicle. The impact with the asphalt had been very violent, causing very serious injuries.

Called 112, the ambulance arrived on the spot but the medical staff immediately asked for Icaro’s intervention following the serious conditions he was in. Admitted to the Torrette hospital, unfortunately he never recovered from the coma and died on November 1st.
Corinaldesi was a well-known person and known precisely for the work he carried out in the pub he was the manager of.

The funeral was set for tomorrow, November 4, at 3 pm in the church of San Giuseppe in Candia di Ancona. He leaves his two children, his partner and his brother Christian.


He ends up on the ground with the bike, a serious 41 year old

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