Concerned about your behavior as a wife

Concerned about your behavior as a wife
Concerned about your behavior as a wife
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Big Brother Vip 2022/2023

During the November 3 episode of Big Brother Vip, Giaele De Donà received a letter from her husband Bradford Beck. The entrepreneur said he was worried about some of his wife’s actions, often close to Antonino Spinalbese, but ready for confrontation.

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Big Brother Vip 2022/2023

The husband from Giaele De Donà broke the silence. Bradford Beck sent a letter to his wife, a competitor in the house of the Big Brother Vip, who in the last few days was worried about the fate of her marriage and feared that she had somehow annoyed her husband for the proximity to Antonino Spinalbese. “I didn’t mind seeing my husband with my best friend, I had trouble seeing him without faithexplained Giaele.

Bradford Beck’s letter to Jael

“Your husband Brad showed up and wrote a letter for you “, Alfonso Signorini made his debut addressing Giaele during the 3 November episode of GF Vip. Bradford Beck, entrepreneur and husband of the competitor, has finally broken his silence for confronting the partner, explaining that he is worried about some of his behaviors, but open to comparison given the great love he has towards him:

We have always given each other enormous amounts of trust to live life to the fullest by staying engaged together in heart, mind, spirit and love. It doesn’t matter how long we’ve been apart, it doesn’t matter how many miles can separate us, and it doesn’t matter how many obstacles have been placed in front of us because a part of you was and is always with me.

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The entrepreneur explained that he accepted the participation of Big Brother’s wife on two conditions: “To be respectful of our relationship, not overstepping our agreed line, two respect my desire to remain a private person “. At the moment, however, he is worried about his behavior, judging him far beyond what would be respectful to me “. Beck then concluded with a declaration of love to his wife, hoping for a confrontation soon.

The reaction of Giaele De Donà

After listening to her husband’s words, Jael with tears in her eyes made hypotheses about what her attitude in the house may have bothered him and reiterated the need to meet him:

I think he was hurt by my behavior, I guess it could be some phrases I said, for example “I feel myself”. I did not mean that I am not with my husband, but that Antonino is the only one who has understood me in here. I need to talk to him, if he doesn’t come I’ll go. I’ve been too sick these days.

Signorini then tried to reassure her further: “The letter is one manifestation of great love and this must give you security. Then we’ll make sure you talk to him. Now he’s in Los Angeles and he’s fine “. Spinalbese also wanted to speak about him on the issue: “I tried to detach myself from her, not to put her in difficulty even if there is a good relationship between us”.

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