The double tragedy of Peio, today the first answers from the autopsy on Max’s body – Non e Sole

The double tragedy of Peio, today the first answers from the autopsy on Max’s body – Non e Sole
The double tragedy of Peio, today the first answers from the autopsy on Max’s body – Non e Sole
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TRENTO. They could arrive today (November 2) from the autopsy on the body of Massimiliano Luciettikilled by a rifle shot in the woods above the house, some responses to the tragedy that upset the small community of Celledizzo, a hamlet of about 350 inhabitants in the Municipality of Peio.

In 24 hours he finds himself crying two fellow citizens.

Yesterday morning, 24 hours after the discovery of Massimiliano’s body, another tragedy: the man who had found the body of the 24-year-old, also a hunter, was found lifeless. It was the family who raised the alarm, worried about his absence. The 59-year-old Maurizio Gionta, a retired former forest ranger, allegedly committed suicide by shooting himself with a hunting rifle. He would leave his family with a note: “Don’t blame me that I don’t have.”

He was also found in the woods above Celledizzo, in a different area from where Massimiliano Lucietti was found dead, during the searches of the carabinieri, the volunteer firefighters and the mountain rescue.

Monday, around 7.45 am, it was the 59-year-old who gave the alarm and reported the young hunter’s body and volunteer firefighter, employee of the Fucine Film in Ossana, who had left the house early, alone, and had walked towards the woods above the village. Then the discovery. The alarm, the fellow volunteers of Massimiliano Lucietti who arrive on the spot. The dismay.

Gionta had been overheard by the carabinieri and his shotgun had been confiscated.

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Investigators work to establish a possible link between the two deaths which devastated two families and the entire community. To clarify the story, the result of the autopsy on Massimiliano’s body will be fundamental.

Equally important will be the investigations carried out by the Ris of the carabinieri on the evidence collected by the Carabinieri of the Compagnia di Cles and the Investigative Unit of Trento: the weapon, ammunition and even a cartridge case, then an exploded shot, found next to the body of Massimiliano Lucietti, will be analyzed by the technicians of the Scientific Investigations Department , which will also carry out ballistic tests.

“He was a helpful, active, sociable boy. After being part of the student group, he joined us as volunteers about four years ago. In Celledizzo he was always active in the youth group, always putting himself in the game to help organize events, parties and festivals “, recalled the commander of the volunteer fire brigade Vincenzo Longhi. The young man leaves his mother Mirta, his father Roberto and his 18-year-old brother Mattia.

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