Flood in Sicily: three provinces on their knees – LIVE

Flood in Sicily: three provinces on their knees – LIVE
Flood in Sicily: three provinces on their knees – LIVE
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Hell of water. Photo and video


Another day of bad weather and storms in Sicily, with three provinces particularly affected and literally brought to their knees. From Trapani to Agrigento and up to Enna, entire areas ended up under water, with inevitable damage and infinite inconvenience for the population who, once again, find themselves facing dramatic situations caused by real floods. Flooded rivers, road subsidence, impassable motorways. In a few hours all hell broke loose. Yesterday the civil protection had issued the yellow alert valid for the whole island. WATCH THE VIDEO

(Facebook photo of the group “Le buche di Sciacca”)

In the Trapani area, the Baiata torrent has overflowed and the evacuation of the Salina Grande area is being considered. The extraordinary commissioner of the Municipality of Misiliscemi reports that the “situation is serious‚ the flooding of the stream has aggravated an already difficult situation ‚it is being considered to evacuate the entire fraction of Salina Grande”. The commissioner has requested amphibious means of the firefighters and the heads of the Civil Protection let it be known that they are going to the site of the flood. Critical situation also in Sciacca where the Civil Protection Operations Room has sent 8 units and vehicles for flooding in fragile areas. Several fire brigade teams are also working to counter the inconvenience caused by intense rain. The Canzalamone torrent has overflowed as well as other minor torrents. Flooding and inconvenience also in Camastra. THE INCREDIBLE VIDEO OF THE FLOODED HIGHWAY


19.00 – Even the MiIitare Air Force mobilized in response to the violent wave of bad weather that is hitting the Trapani area. At the request of the Prefecture of Trapani, the Aerospace Operations Command has ordered the activation of a crew on a helicopter HH-139 of the 82 / o Csar Group (Search and Rescue) of the 15 / o Stormo, based on the Trapani airport. The plane took off just before 2pm to help around twenty people, mostly minors, guests of a reception center in the Salina Grande (To) area, who, in an attempt to save themselves from the flood, they remained blocked and isolated on the roof of the building. The rescue operations, which required the use of a winch and a special basket to allow the airborne personnel to pick up the young people from the roof of the building, lasted more than an hour. At the end of the mission, the helicopter took thirteen young people on board, while another nine were rescued by the Fire Brigade, by means of a rubber dinghy. The joint operation made it possible to rescue all twenty-two people who remained isolated.

18:45 – In Trapani the situation is clearly improving. Drainage systems work regularly. This was made known by the regional civil protection

18.20 – Weather, orange alert in Palermo: READ THE CIVIL PROTECTION NOTICE

18.10 – After the San Marco stream, the Cansalamone stream, the largest watercourse in the city, also overflowed in Sciacca (Agrigento). Some manholes were skipped, and there were also flooding of shops, residences and offices on the lower floors and damage to cars. Two bridges that connect the town with the Carbone and Raganella districts have become unusable at the moment. The latter had been made safe in recent months through the placement of concrete blocks which, however, the fury of today’s water bomb has ripped up. Meanwhile, the rain is giving a respite, and civil protection is confident in this fact so that the emergency can return and the hydrogeological situation of the territory can be considered under control.

18.05 – The Civil Protection operations room of the Free Municipal Consortium of Agrigento is active from this afternoon until midnight today, 13 October. This afternoon, in fact, the Regional Department of Civil Protection (Integrated Multi-Risk Decentralized Functional Center) issued the weather report for the province of Agrigento (ED zones) with code Yellow for zone E and code Orange for zone D which includes several municipalities in the western area of ​​Agrigento. In fact, strong rain events will be possible, especially in zone D, with consequent hydrogeological and hydraulic risk and electrical activity of a certain intensity.


The Civil Protection Office of the Libero Consorzio also activated on this occasion the telephone number for emergencies: 3336141869 for any reports or situations of particular difficulty by citizens.

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The Free Municipal Consortium of Agrigento will also carry out continuous monitoring of the provincial roads through road personnel, intervening in case of dangerous situations on the tracks. All citizens are asked to be extremely careful when traveling along provincial, former consortium and former regional roads due to the possible presence of mud and debris on the roadways and to pay the utmost attention in the vicinity of bridges and valleys, considering the hydraulic risk associated with rainfall.

17.24 – Discomforts also in Aidone, in the province of Enna: “A storm has just hit Aidone with over 20 mm of rain in just two hours – we read on social media -. Thanks to the morphology of the built-up area, which is able to easily drain the rains, there is no serious damage, unlike what happened in PiazzaArmerina where with only 17 mm a street in the Casalotto district has turned into a real stream in full.

17.10 – In the municipality of Misiliscemi (TP) there is the collapse, with the opening of chasms, of a road near the Marracco di Fontanasalsa district.

17.05 – In Sciacca the water reached the hospital and made it necessary to interrupt the activities of the operating theaters

17.00 – Various floods also in the province of Agrigento: in Naro there are several problems caused by the intense rains of these hours. The mayor of the town is in constant contact with the DRPC Sicily.

16.50 – An elderly couple was recovered, in the area of ​​Salina Grande in the Trapani area, by a vehicle of the Sicilian civil protection. The volunteers, with the provincial manager of DRPC Sicily on board, took advantage of the favorable conditions at that time, due to the lowering of the water level on the roadway.

16.30 – 20 extra-communal minors evacuated from the CARA of Salina Grande. The intervention was carried out by an Air Force helicopter. the minors were first transferred to Birgi and then taken to other specialized reception facilities.

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