Who is Andrea Giambruno, the Milanese first First Gentleman of Italy companion of Giorgia Meloni

Who is Andrea Giambruno, the Milanese first First Gentleman of Italy companion of Giorgia Meloni
Who is Andrea Giambruno, the Milanese first First Gentleman of Italy companion of Giorgia Meloni
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Giorgia Meloni won the elections. Fratelli d’Italia led the center-right to victory and its leader is a candidate to lead the country. Beside her a present and loving companion: Andrea Giambruno. The two have a daughter, have been together for seven years and, as they have often told, they are not thinking about marriage. But who is the first First Gentleman in the history of the Italian Republic?

Andrea Giambruno, who is Giorgia Meloni’s partner (who votes on the left)

“I want to thank my family, Andrea, my daughter, my sister, my mother. All those for whom I have been there less than they were there for me”, these are the words pronounced by Giorgia Meloni from the stage of the party committee on the night of the elections that decreed his landslide victory.

Andrea Giambruno, born in 1981 (41 years old), is originally from Milan and is a television journalist. He completed his studies at the scientific high school of Monza and then graduated in philosophy at the Catholic University of Milan. Before becoming the host of Studio Aperto he was the author of numerous Mediaset TV programs (Quinta Colonna, Matrix, Mattino 5 and Stasera Italia). Giambruno is very reserved, he has no active social profiles and therefore the only images of him together with Giorgia Meloni and their daughter, Ginevra (born in 2016, when Meloni was engaged in the electoral campaign to become mayor of Rome), were shared in the in recent years only by the, almost certain, new Italian prime minister. Andrea and Giorgia live in Rome, the city where he moved to follow his partner.

It is interesting to know that the two belong to different political shirts and to make it known was Meloni guest in an episode of the program The witness conducted by Pif: “My partner is on the left, now I think he will vote for me in the next elections. We discuss gays, ethical issues, the legalization of soft drugs. We don’t think the same way.”

Andrea Giambruno: the first meeting with Giorgia Meloni

Little is known about their relationship, but an interesting detail was told by Giambruno to the weekly Who on their first meeting and then on their first date. The interview came at a time when Meloni was publishing his autobiography “I am Giorgia”. “The famous one is Giorgia, it’s not me. I’m Mr. Meloni and I’m proud of it”, proudly affirmed Giambruno. The love between the two took place one evening in Milan, in the Mediaset studios, Meloni was a guest of Quinta Colonna, a program of which Giambruno was the author: “You arrive out of breath and make your assistant Giovanna ‘I have not eaten, I am hungry that I pass out ‘. And Giovanna’ But here’s only a banana ‘, she replies’ And give me this banana’ “. “In an advertising shoot – the journalist continued in the story – he devours it, but at the resumption he is still there with the banana in his hand. banana. I don’t know, our eyes meet in a strange way, it was a moment. ”

The first appointment came not long after: “One evening in Milan, a restaurant out of the usual rounds, she was wearing a black knee-length dress, dark boots and a leather jacket. future mother of her little girl. And after the first kiss snapped, they never broke up again. But Giorgia, as Andrea himself pointed out, also has flaws: “her mania of the pathological order” and being “a chronic latecomer”.


Giorgia Meloni mom on the snow: photos of the holiday in Cortina

Giorgia Meloni and Andrea Giambruno: their family and the much desired second child

In 2016 the two became parents of Geneva, a great and beautiful joy. Over the years, however, the couple tried to have a second pregnancy without ever succeeding and this was a sad reality for Meloni to accept. When she became a mother for the first time at 39, on the possibility of a second child she declared: “I tried, but it didn’t arrive. And I feel a bit guilty for not being able to give Geneva the bond I had with my sister “. And speaking of his personal experience, in 2021, he also added: “Unfortunately we live in a society that makes us believe that we are young forever and that we can always postpone our choices, but it is a deception. For this reason, I believe that it would be essential to raise awareness among women. from an early age to check their state of fertility “.

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“The demographic decline – he adds – is an epochal problem and support for the birth rate and the family have always been the first point of the FdI program. But unlike states such as France, Poland or Hungary, in Italy it is not nothing concrete has ever been done. Probably also because of an ideological resistance on these issues “.

On the organization of the family Giorgia Meloni explained in an interview with Sette that “Andrea is a fantastic father, very present. He spends a week in Milan a month, but when he is here he almost always works in the evening and during the day he stays with Geneva a lot. We take turns, we help each other, we complement each other “. How will First Gentleman Giambruno be involved in Meloni’s decisions? In this regard, even if in a certainly different situation, Meloni explained that he involved his partner in the debate at home, “but not too much. When we are together I try to leave politics out, to disconnect. It’s not easy: he follows everyone. the talk, I pass by: “Still with politics? Please, change, I can’t take it anymore!”.

The two are not married, as already mentioned, and at the moment it is not in their plans to get married. More than once both have emphasized how well they are, they complement each other and are always ready to be next to each other.

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