Martin Payero, who is Wanda Nara’s new love after Mauro Icardi

Martin Payero, who is Wanda Nara’s new love after Mauro Icardi
Martin Payero, who is Wanda Nara’s new love after Mauro Icardi

After the alleged rumors about the end of the relationship between Mauro Icardi and Wanda Nara, the sports agent has officially announced through his Instagram profile the break with the player. As always happens on certain occasions, hypotheses about the alleged new love of Nara immediately arose. Now, however, the Argentine newspapers seem to focus on a single name as regards the elusive man in his new phase of life. It’s about Martin Payero: who he is and why he is famous.

Who is Martin Payero, Wanda’s new flame

After a player, another comes. Born in 1998, Martin Payero is the Argentine midfielder of the Boca Juniors, Buenos Aires team. Back in Argentina after a year in England playing at Middlesbrough, Payero looks like he met the beautiful Wanda Nara in a big nightclub in Buenos Aires.

According to the Argentine newspaper Clarinthe two would have been spotted on the occasion of a meeting aimed at spending an evening together in the rooms reserved for VIPs of the local, between dances, jokes and a few drinks.

What caused so much discussion is that on the same evening when Wanda Nara and Martin Payero were in the club enjoying the fun, L-Gante, a singer rapper also from Argentina (twenty-two years old) was also present. The denial, however, immediately arrived on Instagram from Kennys Palacios, best friend of Wanda Nara and stylist. As for the Boca Juniors player, however, still no denial or confirmation.

Wanda Nara and Mauro Icardi: the definitive end

The marriage between the footballer Mauro Icardi and the sports agent Wanda Nara has officially ended. After many years of marriage (married since 2014) and the birth of two daughters Francesca and Isabellathe love between the two has finally come to an end.

Over time there have been many rumors about alleged betrayals and couple crises, but at the same time they have always been able to carry on their relationship by showing themselves more united than ever; this, however, until Wanda Nara announced her separation on her Instagram profile: “It is very painful for me to live this momenthowever, given my exposure and the media speculations that are coming out, it is better that you know it from me. I have nothing more to declare and I will not give any details on this separation. Please I ask you to understand not only for me but above all for our children ”, she wrote on social media.


It is not known at the moment if there is actually another man behind the breakup or if the alleged acquaintance with the twenty-four-year-old Martin Payero came later, but what is certain is that between Mauro and Wanda things seemed not to be going for a long time. time, especially since the rumors about the footballer’s alleged betrayal with Eugenia Suarez had sprung up.

From that moment on, nothing has been the same as before, but now surely all this no longer matters. The story between Wanda and Mauro is officially over, and she who knows if the sports agent further on will be ready to confirm Payero.

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