The month of rethinking: let’s not burn the possibilities in the September fire

The month of rethinking: let’s not burn the possibilities in the September fire
The month of rethinking: let’s not burn the possibilities in the September fire
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Marco PL Bernardi

September 23

Album Roots (1972) Italian EMI

September is the month of rethinking, Guccini sings in the Song of the Twelve Months, one of his longest and most dense ballads of words.

Perhaps the piece was inspired by the literary challenge between the ancient poets Folgóre di San Gimignano and Cenne della Chitarra, who ventured into compositions dedicated to the months representing them in the opposite way, one -Folgóre- as full of delights, the other – Cenne- as filled with all misfortunes.

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Or perhaps it occurred to him when he admired the sculptures that illustrate the same subject in some cathedral or baptistery of some Emilian city.

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The fact is that in 1972 the Maestrone di Pavana composed a seven-minute long song about the passing of days and the changing moods that accompany the changing seasons, full of food for thought.

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What is about to close is therefore the month of rethinking, and never as this year the gift of perplexity used can refer to Toro and his wavering start to the championship.

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We hoped that the enchantment of the first days, when we were up there, watching the stumbling platoon of the other teams from above, could last longer, that it was less illusory, that maybe it could be extended until November, when a break of a couple of months will break the championship in two.

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This eternal interruption could generate unique situations and outcomes never experienced; a position close to the top, before hibernation, could open unexpected scenarios of prestigious placements for teams that, normally, those places could not even imagine them.

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We risk losing the train of such an unknown opportunity in September, the month in which the fire, to say it with Francesco, like sparks burn the possibilities.


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It would be really a shame to realize in January that unexpectedly lost points, such as those squandered in the last two days, could have had a significant weight and that the chances burned in September could have changed the history of that football anomaly that is Serie A 2022- 2023.

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In order not to have regrets, let’s try to believe it: the results were so bizarre that a row of two or three games without errors would be enough to get back on the bandwagon of the first ones.

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Being up there would have implications, which are also difficult to predict, in terms of the repair market, off-season preparation and motivation.

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Forgive the effort of optimism, but the poetry of the cheering is based on impulses that have very little concrete: I dream of winning in Naples, of regulating Empoli as if it were a formality and finally of asphalting Juve, facing it with the same determination with which we played the derby of thirty years ago. And to find myself, five games from the end of the summer / autumn mini-championship, still being able to dream.

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Pure utopia? More than likely, I am aware of it and the voices of the easy prophets of doom need not arise to remind me of it.

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I dedicate this feeble hope to all those who believe in impossible dreams, to those who, as Guccini sings, have never learned to play their tarot hand.

Author of detective stories, with “Cocktail d’anime for the lawyer Alfieri” he won the 2020 edition of GialloFestival. Marco PL Bernardi shares with the protagonist of his novels the ancient passion for the Bull and the love for literature and songwriting.

Through its columns, thanks to the work of qualified commentators, Toro News offers its readers food for thought and independent insights into Turin and beyond.

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