his father’s half-brother and the breach in the wall of silence. VIDEO Reggionline -Telereggio – Latest news Reggio Emilia |

his father’s half-brother and the breach in the wall of silence. VIDEO Reggionline -Telereggio – Latest news Reggio Emilia |
his father’s half-brother and the breach in the wall of silence. VIDEO Reggionline -Telereggio – Latest news Reggio Emilia |
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NOVELLARA (Reggio Emilia)There is another uncle in the story involving Saman Abbasand his position is very different from that of Danish Hasnain. He is the stepbrother of the girl’s father, Shabbar, and it is he – who always lives and works in the Bassa – who receives two phone calls from Pakistan. It is June 8, 2021. Shabbar Abbas, together with his wife Nazia, he has been in Pakistan for over a month. For the investigators, they are on the run after the crime. And he’s in those two conversations on whtasapp that Shabbar utters these words: “I killed my daughter – he says, then telling his stepbrother not to say anything – For me the dignity of others is no more important than mine. I am already dead, I killed her, I killed her for my dignity and my honor. We killed her“, Meaning according to the investigators, with that ‘we’, the relatives.

It emerges from some of the 10 thousand pages that make up the acts of the investigation into the disappearance and the alleged murder of Saman AbbasAn 18-year-old from Novellara who, according to prosecutor and carabinieri, was murdered on the evening of April 30, 2021 in Novellara. Interception was made by carabinieri of the investigative unit of Reggio.

It is always the stepbrother a to tell of having understood that something serious had happened: in the first days of May he could no longer find anyone at home and he could not contact his niece. In that period, first the spouses, then the uncle and the younger brother, and then the cousins, suddenly leave Novellara. Now I’m in the stand, accused of kidnapping, premeditated murder, death of a corpse. Saman’s mother and father they are still fugitives. The lawyer of both, Simone Servillo, he is not worried about the content of these interceptions. “All the elements that have been collected by the public prosecution are open to interpretation, and a lot of them are in an absolutive key. They must be contextualized. Whoever released those excerpts has taken on a great responsibility ”.

It is Uncle Danish who is believed to be the material perpetrator of the murder. His lawyer, Noris Bucchi, does not comment on the news of the last few hours. The younger nephew, Saman’s younger brother, accuses him. From the cards it also emerges how the brother, mother and father of the young woman “monitored” the girl’s social activities and the photos he posted on Instagram between late 2020 and early 2021, while in a protected community in Bologna. One in particular, made public by Saman on January 20 last year, allegedly ignited the anger of the parents: it was the image of a kiss between Saman and the boyfriend with whom the girl wanted to be, refusing with forces an arranged marriage with a ten-year older cousin.

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Saman, the father Shabbar Abbas intercepted: “I killed my daughter”. VIDEO

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Reggio Emilia Novellara carabinieri homocide investigations wiretapping Saman Abbas

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