Elections, live coverage – Pd and M5s close the campaigns in Rome. Letta, half-empty square. The dem De Luca attacks the income: “Porcheria”

Elections, live coverage – Pd and M5s close the campaigns in Rome. Letta, half-empty square. The dem De Luca attacks the income: “Porcheria”
Elections, live coverage – Pd and M5s close the campaigns in Rome. Letta, half-empty square. The dem De Luca attacks the income: “Porcheria”
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23 Sep 2022


Letta: “We Italy of the future, against divisions”

“In these last hours I ask you to make a final reflection, on what this election campaign represented, we have not only said our ideas but also sowed a lot thinking about a positive Italy, of the future. The real difference is that we campaigned talking about the Italy of the future, them about the Italy of the past, about divisions ”. The secretary of the Pd, Enrico Lettaat the rally in Piazza del Popolo in Rome with which the electoral campaign of the democratic and progressive Pd-Italy list is closed.

23 Sep 2022


M5s meeting begins in piazza Santi Apostoli

The closing kermesse of the electoral campaign begins about an hour late M5s in piazza santi Apostoli in Rome. After a dance performance, Alessandra Maiorino speaks about rights and the future, bringing a group of young people to the stage. “They must stop talking about young people without ever listening to them” says Maiorino. “We don’t want people to be afraid to live and love because there are those who discriminate” says a girl from Civitavecchia. “We are on the side of the environment, on the side of the boys and girls who want to love freely without being judged and discredited”.

23 Sep 2022


Castellone (M5s): “Overcoming the Democratic Party? We are growing “

“It has been a great journey with our community. If we can overcome the Democratic Party? We are growing… ”, he replies Mariolina Castellonegroup leader of M5S in the Senate, on the sidelines of the grill event in Santi Apostoli.

23 Sep 2022


Maiorino (M5s): “Berlusconi predatory against young women”

It opens with an attack a Silvio Berlusconi the event M5s of Piazza Santi Apostoli. “Today, the twenty-year-olds go to TikTok and find an 85-year-old man who asks for the vote of women, saying that he has always hunted for their love, he who has cleared customs for predatory behavior towards women, especially very young ones”, says the senator Alessandra Maiorino, during his speech. A group of twenty-year-olds accompanied the parliamentarian on stage.

23 Sep 2022


De Luca attacks citizenship income: “Porcheria”

The president of Campania Vincenzo De Luca (welcomed with an ovation) he was able to exceed the imposed limit by a lot and launched a long oration against citizenship income, defined as “a rubbish” that “has mixed the poor with parasites and the children of bitches.”

23 Sep 2022


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De Luca: “Yesterday sagra burina, Meloni sora Gina”

“Yesterday a strange event took place here, half psychedelic and halfway through a burina festival, there was a specimen raised in the Po prairies, a fresh 86-year-old groom, a little soft, barzotto, then a figure dressed in white appeared , from first communion, it was an enchanting image, but as soon as he began to speak the enchantment vanished and appeared there sora Gina“. The governor of Campania said it, Vincenzo de Lucaat the closing rally of the democratic and progressive Pd-Italy list.

23 Sep 2022


De Luca: “We don’t offer a crackling secretary …”

“We don’t offer a crackling and pyrotechnic secretary… oh well, this one doesn’t. But we offer executives of great competence, seriousness and honesty. This is what we offer to Italians ”. She said it Vincenzo De Luca at the demonstration of the Democratic Party.

23 Sep 2022


Endorsement of the opposition to Orban al Pd

“Don’t listen to what Orban or his Italian allies say about him. Listen and see what he does. So you can realize and you can avoid a national catastrophe. Don’t get hurt, don’t support Orban’s friends! Vote for the candidates of the Democratic party. This is how you can build a country that works and is safe for you ”. A video message from the Democratic Party also arrived Klara Dobrev, vice president of the European Parliament and exponent of the Democratic Coalition, the Hungarian center-left in opposition to Orban. “Dear friends, Italian democrats. I hear that the Hungarian prime minister is often cited in the election campaign as a kind of model to follow. Orban is seen by many abroad as an example of Christian conservatism. But let me tell you who Orban really is, ”Dobrev explains. “Hungary is experiencing corruption that has not been seen since the Great War” and “Orban used the public hand to shut down almost all independent newspapers, websites and TVs. In the country there is only government propaganda without contradiction and the voice of the opposition does not even reach the voters. Is this what you want to follow? ”, Says the MEP among other things.

23 Sep 2022


Video message from Sanchez to the Democratic Party: “With Letta, steps forward on rights”

“Dear comrades of the Democratic Party, dear Enrico, next Sunday Italy is called to very important elections. And when there are elections, the alternative is always clear: either we go forward, or we go backwards ”. The video message from the president of the Spanish government begins with these words Pedro Sánchez broadcast during the closing demonstration of the democratic and progressive Pd-Italy election campaign. “We must move forward in matters of rights and freedoms – adds the Spanish Prime Minister – we must move forward towards a socially just response to the economic consequences of Putin’s war in Ukraine. And all this, the progress in rights and freedoms, even in a correct response to the economic crises caused by the war and the pandemic that we still have to overcome – the PSOE secretary underlines – is represented by the Democratic Party and Enrico Letta ”. “So – he concludes – strength and courage from Spain so that next Sunday the progressive alternative that you, Enrico, represent, wins the elections in Italy”.

23 Sep 2022


Lega, sit-in in Rome under the headquarters of the European Commission

At 18.30 today sit-in of the League with Matteo Salvini under the headquarters of the European Commission in Rome in via 4 Novembre 149 on the von Der Leyen case. This is what the Lega announces.

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