“Action is taken to support companies”

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The senator evaluates a legislative intervention that includes interventions for the sustainability of production and a strategic plan for new plants capable of countering the increase in company management costs

Editorial board September 23, 2022 6:06 pm

Oil, stock image from pixabay (photo by stevepb)

«The Coldiretti 2022 report draws a dramatic picture for the Calabrian olive-culture. This summer’s drought will result, according to forecastsa 30% drop in the production of extra virgin olive oil ». It supports it Senator Fausto De Angelis (Lega) who adds: «To these must be added the increase in production costsand due to the expensive energy that could even close several oil mills due to the high operating cost ». [Continua in basso]


The exponent of the Carroccio party highlights: “In Calabria there are over 84 thousand companies with over 200 thousand hectares of olive cultivation, of which almost 50% organic. For this reason, in recent days I have been confronted with Calabrian olive growers, agreeing with them the presentation of a bill that provides for interventions for the sustainability of production, food sovereignty and a strategic plan for new irrigation systems and of production to counter the increase in company management costs ». Not only. According to De Angelis, a concrete answer could also be given to the sector: “with non-repayable corporate financing, or with tax credit. My goal is and always will be – he concludes – to relaunch and protect Calabrian companies ».

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