Third pole, and the ballet of rights

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The self-appointed “Third pole”(Despite the presence of Conte’s M5S) proposes itself as the coalition of“ the serious ones ”, but in terms of rights it has a wavering position.

By aiming more and more explicitly at the disappointed of Forza Italia – it is no coincidence that it has welcomed two of its best-known ministers, Carfagna and Gelmini – the coalition of those who would never have raced together, and instead they do, prefers not to expose themselves too much, taking a stand on only a few aspects functional to present themselves as “responsible” without instead including issues that could be divisive for the electorate.

For example? No reference to abortion, end of life and cannabis, no mention of the right to housing and little, very little, for the citizens Lgbtqi +.

Lgbtqi + rights

There law against homotransphobia it is in fact the only proposal in the lgbtqi + area of ​​Action / Italia Viva, which at the same point in the program propose “to set up the Independent National Authority for the Protection of Human Rights, and to take initiatives to prevent and combat all hate speech”. No egalitarian marriage, no homogenisation or stepchild adoption.

Women, equality and gender-based violence

It is not surprising that in the program there is no reference to abortion: after all, the candidate in the Milan college is Mariastella Gelmini herself, whose interview in support of the Berlusconi government in 2010 is cited by Treccani to explain the neologism “non-life” : “This is our commitment to life in all its conditions and against the culture of non-life, which passes through abortion and euthanasia”.

Predictably, however, the liberal approach of the Third Pole translates into many measures of economic support to reduce the gender pay gap and support female entrepreneurship, as well as the implementation of the Family Act to invest in female work and support for the birth rate: “We want to introduce a series of measures that reduce costs to facilitate the return to work after maternity and reduce the costs incurred by companies”, through post-maternity incentives, support and incentives for companies, compulsory one-month paternity leave and “flexible methods of managing parental leave and forms of reward in the event that such leaves are distributed equally between both parents”.

There are also many measures against gender violencefocused not only on the removal from violence and counter measures, but also on “tools for the empowerment of women and the fight against economic violence”, including the Income of Freedom.

Immigration and citizenship

The chapter on immigration has as its first point “fight illegal immigration favoring regular and scheduled entries ».

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The objective, through cooperation agreements with countries of origin and transit, is the planning of regular migratory flows, “on the basis of the needs of the labor market”. For this reason, a “distinction must be made between humanitarian refugees (who have specific international protections) and economic migrants”.

Measures are also envisaged for the integration of migrants, the overcoming of the Dublin Treaty and the establishment of a Ministry for Migration (or for Immigration, as it is defined a few lines later) “to overcome the fragmentation of functions of the various offices that today make orientation difficult for migrants and citizens, but also the meeting between supply and demand of work ”.

Among the programmatic points is it ius scholae for those who have attended a training course in Italy for at least 5 years or for those who have completed and completed a university course. The proposal, however, as many have noted, is not in the chapter on rights, but in that on immigration.


by Costanza Giannelli
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Silvio Berlusconi intervenes at the conference organized by the Seniores movement of Forza Italia

by Costanza Giannelli
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