A pain to see him in a coma

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Giusy Orlando has returned to talk about the beating suffered by her son Davide Ferrerio, the 20-year-old hospitalized in the Maggiore hospital in Bologna for 40 days. “A pain to see him in these conditions, Passalacqua attacked him to kill”

“For me it is painful to see my son in a coma for 40 days. Davide was attacked for no reason, it had nothing to do with it.” Talking is Giusy Orlando, mother of Davide Ferrerio, the 20-year-old Bolognese beaten in Crotone for a mistake. The boy is currently in a coma at the Maggiore hospital: 40 days have now passed since the brutal attack, but his medical report does not seem to have improved.

The woman went back to talking about what happened to the microphones of Italian Stories. “Everyone has seen my son’s beating, on Facebook and on all the other social networks – Orlando underlined also speaking of the attacker Nicolò Passalacqua, the man who mistook the young man for the 31-year-old who was texting his underage friend -. In the video we see David running away. Passalacqua saw a 20-year-old boy scared to death, how did you manage not to look him in the face? She didn’t even try to talk to him. “

“He brutally attacked him to kill him,” Orlando continued, venting to the microphones of the television broadcast. “Why all this? For the messages sent by a 31-year-old to a 17-year-old girl. My son, however, had nothing to do with all this: he has been in a coma for 40 days and it is a pain to see him in this condition due to some criminals “.


The beating

Davide Ferrerio was on vacation in Crotone when, on the evening of 11 August, he was attacked by Nicolò Passalacqua. It took the telephone records, the messages on social media, the video footage of the cameras and several interrogations to reconstruct the story. According to what was ascertained, Passalacqua was in via Vittorio Veneto together with some relatives, a 17-year-old friend and her mother to meet a 31-year-old who had been bothering her younger girl for some time.

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The group crossed paths with Ferrerio while he was waiting for a friend to go to the pizzeria. At that point Passalacqua, after having mistaken him for the 31-year-old, attacked him and did not stop even when the young man tried to flee to his grandmother’s house.

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