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Friday 23 September 2022


The attention on the danger sector is high: there are many companies forced to deal with energy increases (click here to learn more) and among the producers there are also those who prefer to explant rather than invest in this crop.

But there are also those who have very clear ideas on feasible solutions, such as for example the agronomist and producer Luigi Golinelli, creator of the technical, informative and economic group “Two euro pears” in which about 250 entrepreneurs in the sector exchange comments and suggestions every day.

The way to go, according to Golinelli, seems to be only one: that of guaranteed minimum price for producers.

“A minimum production price would serve to stabilize an entire sector in chaos, which in past years had to deal with Asian bedbugs, brown spots – alternaria, frosts and much more – explains Golinelli to IFN – and today finds itself in front of a impressive scissors: the same fruits that are paid a few euros to the farmers, are then resold by large-scale distribution chains with an impressive increase of around 500%. In the field, the prices are almost the same as ten years ago, when farmers spend about twice as much for the production of the fruit: it is an unsustainable situation to which an urgent solution must be found before companies resort to explants “.

Always assuming that an explant is an affordable expense: “As a producer – continues Golinelli – I have already reduced my pear area by eight hectares and I have another 34. But this year I will reduce it by another 15 hectares if I see that nothing is moving in the sector. But also the costs of explants are very high and entrepreneurs often cannot afford even those: if the European community wants to maintain an indigenous production, then let them help us otherwise that they themselves pay the expenses for the explants“.

The manufacturer points out a poor activation of trade consortiawhich should support the correct marketing of the fruit. They have to act now if we want to guarantee a future for the sector and above all programming and don’t get lost in useless talk like those about the: I find it really useless to focus on the size of a fruit when we are talking about a few millimeters and when what really matters is only the taste of the pears. For all European pears the size has decreased this year considering the dry year, while the organoleptic characteristics of the fruits are far superior: what matters is to taste the fruit, not to look at how big it is. It seems to me that the issue of sizes is being used as an excuse to lower prices and not recognize a fair profit, once again… ”.


And he continues: “Considering the price increases and halved production, the right price of pears for production should be 2 euros, just like the name of our group”.

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Decana cal. 70 (in cases), to the producer 35 cents. Source: Luigi Golinelli

This time the producers will not be limited to words and will soon take action first with a conference and then with one demonstration nationwide, in collaboration with the coordination of producers Copoi. “The only way to solve the problems of the sector is to make our presence felt consistently and this time we will do it without imposing limitations”.

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