The sewer exploded, the streets flooded. What happened yesterday in Trapani

The sewer exploded, the streets flooded. What happened yesterday in Trapani
The sewer exploded, the streets flooded. What happened yesterday in Trapani
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The perfect storm, yesterday, in Trapani, to send the city into a tailspin. An afternoon of passion that has also sparked a lot of controversy. In a few hours the capital revealed all its weaknesses.

If the rupture of the sewer in via Marsala was not enough, then the rain also started. Normal autumn rain, not a “water bomb”, as the Roman councilor defined it. But the two events quickly wreaked havoc in the city.

Let’s try to reconstruct what happened. Around 1.30 pm, during peak hours, a section of the sewer pipe, near the level crossing in via Marsala, broke, causing the roadway to collapse. Sewage, mud and slime leaked out immediately. Discomfort not only for motorists, but also for residents and traders who once again had to witness yet another havoc. The paradox of a city that focuses on major works and which, however, fails to solve atavistic problems that directly affect citizens. It is not the first time that such problems have occurred in the city and especially in via Marsala, to which an adequate solution has never been found. Local police, firefighters and municipal technicians intervened on the spot. Then, it must be said, it started to rain in the wet. With the pouring rain that flooded not only via Marsala, but also other areas of the city. For Councilor Ninni Romano, the rain was “exceptional and unexpected”. In reality it was announced, and it was not even a “water bomb”, as is now too often said. The rupture of the sewer, the Municipality clarifies, is not connected to the rain. The road collapsed at 13:30 as a result of the explosion of the pressure pipeline.

This happened two hours before the rain. The electric pumps did not manage to pump the thick sludge, presumably generating a water hammer and the explosion of the pipeline under pressure. The break then prevented the outflow of rain that fell at 15:30. This is the cause.

They explain from the Municipality that “Administration and municipal employees immediately present at the lifting plant in via Tunisi, have ascertained the correct functioning of all the pumps. Furthermore, all the machicolations of via Marsala and via Virgilio, which was also seriously affected, had already been cleaned with absolute priority over the others. In via Convento San Francesco di Paola, an area historically subject to flooding by rainwater from the mountains, work has already begun to upgrade the existing drains. Similar works have already been contracted for via Giannitrapani, historically subject to flooding, in addition to the fact that the refurbishment of the white and black water pipeline is planned in the Rione Cappuccinelli as part of the € 30 million loan already obtained from the City of Trapani. Once again, therefore, despite the efforts made with timely interventions aimed at preventing any criticality, there are damages and inconveniences ” we read in the note from the Municipality.

Via Marsala will remain closed to traffic in the section affected by the failure and the repair work will start already today, the municipality assures us. For those coming from the fast flowing towards the center, they will have to take the overpass towards via Libica; for those coming from via Salemi, you will have to deviate towards via G. Verga; for those coming from Paceco, take via Rieti towards via Salemi; for those coming from via Fardella, turn off into via Castellammare. “The municipal technicians will carry out further checks in all the areas affected by the flooding in order to verify obstructions and / or inefficiencies not visible from the single trap door but for which further investigations may be necessary” continues the Municipality. Due to the electric discharges from the upper storm, some public lighting lines as well as traffic lights were also blown. Obviously the chaos of yesterday afternoon sparked a lot of controversy. The underpass should be built in that area. And if the great work had already made the residents turn up their noses who started the “No underpass” committee, after what happened yesterday their positions have become even more uncompromising. But the municipality replied that “in order to avoid unnecessary speculation, it is reiterated that the area where the underpass will rise will be screened by 50cm high bulkheads, precisely in order to avoid inconvenience and flooding”. We said so much controversy and indignation.


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“An administration that does not know how to plan the ordinary, where everything becomes extraordinary with the results under the eyes of the citizens” is the attack by the president of the city council Peppe Guaiana. It also sinks Anna Garuccio. “What has happened can no longer postpone the indispensable and priority cleaning of the sewers (not just the drains) now full of sedimented matter. In these four years of government there has never been a cleaning and removal of sediments from the sewer pipe The city can no longer wait. Nobody finds excuses. A dangerous underpass will soon be built in this area! ”.

Simona Mannina, councilor in Erice also spoke: “Trapani and Erice are destined to die under the blows of people who think only of their seats and of the power to be consolidated in every part of the province / region, with the consent of a population too tired to to react and too disillusioned to oppose ”. On social media there is no lack of irony but also a lot of indignation, especially of those who have suffered floods, for a story that has exposed the fragility of Trapani.

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