Zibello, today and tomorrow A Different Po, a Po of Eros

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The first weekend of autumn (and last of September) brings to Zibello, land of His Majesty the Culatello, a series of cultural events. The coastal village, once again, for two days, is transformed into a 360-degree capital of pleasure with the return of A little different, a little bit of Eros, a festival of erotic literature and art which, for several years, has been held in the coastal village thanks to the initiative of the local writer Rosalba Scaglioni. The appointment is for Friday 23 and Saturday 24 September. It starts on Friday 23, at 6.30 pm, under the portico of Palazzo Pallavicino with the presentation of “My name is still James Bond” by Enzo Latronico (Le Piccole Pagine, 2022) and, to follow, “All you need is spritz”, an erotic aperitif to the sound of Beatles by Rosalba Scaglioni and Michele Cogni with Beatles music commented by Anna Pancini. There will be five special spritzes inspired by as many aphrodisiac ingredients and, with each spritz, the characteristics of its “spicy” ingredient taken from the aphrodisiac cookbook “60 shades of throat” by Michele Cogni. Saturday 24, the appointments in the morning are all at the Cinema Museum “The cinema – Narducci collection”, with a visit to the same museum at 10 with the curator Luciano Narducci. It will be a journey through time through a rare collection of cinema machines, posters, magazines, magic lanterns and eros. At 10.30 the presentation of the novel “Hotel amore” by Mauro Corticelli (Pendragon publisher) and, at 11.30, of the novel “The journey of Ausonia” by Ilaria Cerioli and Andrea Baravelli (Foschi publisher). At 12.30, “Mito Psiche ed Eros” (from Candaule, Pasifae to the modern Lifestyle) with Giuseppe Ferro and Claudio Fabbricci. In the afternoon we return to the portico of the Pallavicino palace where, at 4 pm, the presentation of the novel “History of a sadomasochistic love” by Antonella Valentini will be held. At 5 pm presentation of the novel “Room N.5” by Martina Mori and Vasco Rialzo and, at 6 pm, presentation of the manual “Sex Toys, discovering objects of pleasure with instructions for use” by Morena Nerri and Ivano Messinese. At 7 pm, “Let’s talk” with “I love Bdsm” with Ayzad and, finally, at 8.30 pm, at the “Leon d’oro” inn, an appointment with the aphrodisiac dinner with the sonnets of Xlater. Also in Zibello, as part of Verdi Off and the review “Un Po d’Estate”, Saturday 24 September, at 9 pm, in the Pallavicino Theater, appointment with “Recital under the house” with arias and duets interpreted by the soloists of the singing classes of the Conservatory of Parma, in collaboration with the same conservatory “Boito”. Reservations required through the Municipality website. Finally, on Sunday 25 September, in the former convent of the Dominican fathers, possibility of visiting the possibility of visiting both the cinema museum “Il Cinematografo” and the “Giuseppe Riccardi” Museum of rural civilization.

Hermit of the Po, Paolo Panni

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