Today’s referendums in the occupied territories of Ukraine and the risk of nuclear escalation

Today’s referendums in the occupied territories of Ukraine and the risk of nuclear escalation
Today’s referendums in the occupied territories of Ukraine and the risk of nuclear escalation
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Today, September 23the Russia opens polling stations for i referendum in the occupied territories of Ukraine. Seven months after the start of the war and after the setbacks at the front, Moscow calls the self-proclaimed republics of Donetsk And Lugansk they Oblast from Cherson And Zaporizhzhia. For a total of 15% of the territory belonging to Ukraine. The urns are also open in Kamchatka, in the far east of Russia. There are many displaced people in the area: many are already applying for Russian citizenship. As well as in the Chukotkawhere the seats will open only on September 27. Russia will formally annex the areas after the results. And, according to experts, this move will set the precedent for the escalation of the conflict. Already prepared by Vladimir Putin in the speech that announced the partial military mobilization.

The borders of Ukraine

The boundaries ofUkraine were recognized by Russia in Budapest Memorandum which dates back to 1994. Kiev he claims he will never accept Russian control over his territories. And he has also repeatedly asked for the return of Crimea. Annexed by referendum to Russia in 2014. Reuters news agency says it is unclear how the war zone voting will work. In fact, Russia does not control the entire territory of Zaporizhzhia and the region of Donetsk. And the fighting continues in all four regions. Starting next week, the Russia will consider these Ukrainian territories as part of the country. It will claim any Ukrainian attempt to regain its sovereign territory as an “invasion”.

The consultations have been criticized since illegal also by the western allies of Kiev. Who have already made it clear that they will never accept the result. And the blame of Beijing, which asked for respect for the principle of the territorial integrity of the States. The pro-Russian authorities in the e Fly however, they promised to go on. “The vote starts today and nothing can prevent it,” he said on Russian television Vladimir Saldohead of administration a Cherson. The pro-Russian separatists of Donetsk, in the East, they indicated for their part that “for security reasons” the vote would be organized almost door to door, “in front of the houses” for four days. With the opening of the polling stations “only on the last day”.

The nuclear escalation

Yesterday the Ukrainian press made it known that in the Donbass Fly is preparing to have minors vote too. In fact, those aged between i 13 ei 17 years. The only condition is that they are accompanied to the seats by their parents. With the annexation the Russia it can then consider the Ukrainian counter-offensives in the areas as attacks on its own territory. As he explained in recent days it youtuber Russian and expert on politics and war Ivan Yakovinaafter the vote it Tsar “Will immediately say that themilitary operation it is over, that he “freed” the lands he wanted, that there is a new border and peace can be made ».

But this perspective will never be accepted by Kiev. And then the risk is that of nuclear escalation. Because in the Russian doctrine on the use of the atomic bomb it is explained that the nuclear option can be used in case of attacks on the territory of the Federation. Yesterday evening the Atlantic Council, NATO’s main political decision-making body, condemned referendums as “illegal”. THE 30 Member States of NATO, a note reads, “do not recognize and will never recognize the illegal and illegitimate annexation of Crimea by Russia”. The Atlantic Council he stated that “they have no legitimacy and constitute a clear violation of the United Nations Charter“.

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