Earthquake today in Genoa, strong tremors: one of magnitude 4.1

Earthquake today in Genoa, strong tremors: one of magnitude 4.1
Earthquake today in Genoa, strong tremors: one of magnitude 4.1
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The first seismic event was recorded by the National Institute of Geophysics and Volcanology at 3.39 pm, with the epicenter of Bargagli. Other earthquakes have been recorded in the metropolitan area of ​​the city. The strongest of these was warned at 5.32 pm in Davagna and had a magnitude of 2.7. From the checks carried out so far, no injuries or significant damage have been reported. Trains suspended in the area for checks

The earth shook in Liguria. A quake of magnitude 4.1 was recorded at 3.39 pm with its epicenter 2 kilometers from Bargagli, inland 11 kilometers from Genoa. The earthquake was located from the seismic room of the Ingv in Rome. It had a depth of 10 kilometers. Other tremors followed during the day, still two in the Bargagli area: the first at 16.07 of 1.9 degrees, the other at 17.03, of 1.8 degrees. Earthquake also in the Davagna area: a quake of 1.8 degrees occurred at 16.29, the last, the strongest, of magnitude 2.7 was recorded at 17:32. The operations room of the Regional Civil Protection is carrying out all the necessary checks and is in contact with the National Department.

There is no damage to buildings

From a very first monitoring there is no damage to buildings and people. However, all contacts for further information are in progress. The first shock of the earthquake was also clearly perceived in the center of Genoa and in many offices the workers were let out onto the street, including the employees in the Liguria Region building. On the upper floors of the buildings, in fact, the tremor was felt very strongly and the window panes shook. However, there are about fifteen interventions by the fire brigade in Genoa due to plaster detachment or small cracks on the walls The firefighters intervened in particular in corso Italia and corso Europa and in the Levant. No structural problems or dangers emerged from the inspections by the fire brigade.

Shock felt also in Portofino


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The first shock was felt in particular in the hinterland of Genoa and the Levant, in Bargagli, Davagna and Torriglia. The earthquake movement also surprised the tourists of the eastern coast, from Portofino to Sestri Levante, both those who were in the hotels on the highest floors and those who were on the beach. Fortunately, no damage has been reported in these areas either.

The mayor of Bargagli: no damage but shocked

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“At the moment I am not injured or damaged, I am traveling around the town to check for myself”, confirmed Sergio Casalini, mayor of Bargagli. “I was at home and I felt a very strong shock, everything started to swing and the knickknacks fell – he added – luckily no damage but just a lot of fright. I’m shocked”. Casalini immediately contacted the head of civil protection of the Liguria Region Giacomo Giampedrone before continuing the inspection in the town. “My fellow citizens are already returning to their homes,” he specified.

Stop to trains between Genoa and Levante for checks


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Trains in Liguria remain stationary until at least 20:00 due to ongoing checks on four lines after the tremors. In the stations, where thousands of passengers are waiting to leave, it was announced that the service will not resume before 8pm. Trenitalia confirmed the news. The trains were all stopped at the stations. It was not possible at the moment to prepare shuttle services. Trenitalia also confirmed that the checks have been underway for hours but time is needed to allow the teams of technicians to visually check the route of the four lines that lead from Genoa to the east, towards Santa Margherita Ligure, and to the north, towards Milan, Turin. and Busalla. Controls in fact proceed on foot and with trolleys.

The earth also trembled in Catania, Ascoli Piceno, Modena and Lucca

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Also today, two strong earthquakes were also felt in Ascoli Piceno, in the Marche region, around 12:25. According to the National Institute of Geophysics and Volcanology (Ingv), the magnitude was 4.1 for the first shock and 3.6 for the second. The epicenter is located in Folignano. No damage to people and buildings was reported. An earthquake, followed by another of lesser intensity, also occurred in Emilia-Romagna just before 5.50 pm, in the Modena area in the Apennine area on the border with the province of Lucca. The Ingv estimate speaks of a quake of magnitude 3.8. About a minute later another quake, of magnitude 3.2. The shock was felt on the Emilian Apennines, but also in Tuscany. In the morning the earth also shook in the Catania area, with two earthquakes, the first of magnitude 2.5, the second of magnitude 3.6, respectively at 23.51 to 2 km North West of Ragalna and at 04.21 4 km South of Paternò . The hypocenter of the first was identified at a depth of 3 kilometers, that of the second at a depth of 10 km.

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