Intek, ops on ordinary shares, savings and warrants kicks off on 23 September

Intek, ops on ordinary shares, savings and warrants kicks off on 23 September
Intek, ops on ordinary shares, savings and warrants kicks off on 23 September
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The Intek Group stock opens the session down (-0.2% to 0.49 euros) on the eve of the start of the Ops. In fact, three o’clock will leave on 23 September voluntary public exchange offers promoted by Intek Group and relating to the company’s ordinary and savings shares and warrants.

The offeror will issue more than 63 million bonds in total

On the basis of the final results, and taking into account the 6 million 937 thousand 311 ordinary treasury shares held by Intek Group, the company has already announced that it will hold a total of 89,239,505 ordinary shares, representing 22.9% of the class capital and 22% of the share capital. On the other hand, as regards savings shares, the group will hold 1,078,558, representing 6.6% of the category capital and 0.35 of the share capital. Finally, as regards the warrants, the group will hold 20,235,530 shares representing 1.7% of the outstanding warrants.

The consideration for the exchange offersio consists of bonds from bond loan “Intek Group 2022 – 2027”, consisting of a maximum total of 130 million bonds, each worth 1 euro and, therefore, for a maximum nominal value ofissue of 130 million euros, of which a maximum of 124,632,499 bonds 2022, for an equivalent value of 124.7 million, reserved as consideration for the exchange offers. According to the final results of the exchange offers, the bidder will issue a total of 63,533,259 bonds in 2022, for a total value of 63.5 million.

Intek occupies a dominant position in the production of semi-finished products

Intek was born as a holding company, active in the financial and private equity sector. The company deals with the management of equity investments and funds. In 2007 the company completed the merger agreement, by incorporation of the company Generale Industrie Metallurgiche, transforming itself into a holding company.


Currently the group is made up of the German subsidiary Kme, a global player in the sector of the production and relative marketing of semi-finished products in copper and its alloys. The company ErgyCapital is also part of it, which was established in 2007 under the name of GreenergyCapital. The company is active in the sector of energy production from renewable sources and also deals with the distribution of products and services deriving from it. Finally, the company Cobra Automotive Technologies, active in the electronics branch, is also part of the group. The branch concerning real estate and financial structures is practiced through the management of real estate and private equity activities (closed real estate fund). (All rights reserved)

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