Unaccompanied foreign minors, a charity dinner for “The house I would like”

Unaccompanied foreign minors, a charity dinner for “The house I would like”
Unaccompanied foreign minors, a charity dinner for “The house I would like”
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To organize it is the association of volunteer tutors “Di Sana Pianta” of Palermo. The proceeds will be used to furnish an apartment confiscated from the mafia for migrant minors

PALERMO – An autumn dinner with a special flavor. It is the appointment dedicated to solidarity proposed by the social promotion association “Di Sana Pianta”. On 25 September it will be possible to participate in a dinner at the Solemar Club (Cristoforo Colombo seafront, 2109 – Palermo). With a minimum contribution of 30 euros each, it will be possible to support the project entitled “The house I would like”.

Specifically, the association manages an apartment confiscated from the mafia that needs furniture, tools, appliances and anything else that can allow people in need to be able to live there.

In particular, Di Sana Pianta is made up of a group of voluntary guardians of unaccompanied foreign minors. These are adults who voluntarily and free of charge follow immigrant children who have no relatives in Italy.

Unfortunately, at the age of 21, the protection against them runs out and a critical and delicate period begins: they are put out of the communities in which they could previously be; thus they do not have a home, nor a stable and decent job. Currently the apartment accommodates 3 boys who are no longer resident in the communities, a Ukrainian mother with two children and a woman from the Ivory Coast who, in getting on the boat, due to the crowd and the violence of the traffickers, was separated from the child of two years. The little boy, who arrived alone in Palermo, was entrusted as a tutor to the vice president of the Di Sana Pianta association who, after much research, found his mother and made her reunite with her son.

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“In short, many stories within these four walls – write the organizers – that thanks to the charity dinner, promoted for 25 September at the Solemar in Palermo, can become a treasure chest of dreams and hopes that gradually come true”. To participate in the dinner, reservations are required on whatsapp at 0918248089 or at 3774716768.

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