Dead in the mountains, that’s who Stefano was, with the dream of becoming a guide. Mourning in Tombolo

Dead in the mountains, that’s who Stefano was, with the dream of becoming a guide. Mourning in Tombolo
Dead in the mountains, that’s who Stefano was, with the dream of becoming a guide. Mourning in Tombolo
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Pure, frenetic, impulsive energy. But in the mountains he was disciplined, methodical, precise. Stefano Bazzacco loved the peaks, climbing, going further, challenging. He had quit his job as a mechanical designer because he lacked air in the office. He wanted life, all the way. He wanted freedom. In a total way.

“Now you’ve made it really big,” friends say to each other, with agony and desperation. Stefano lived in via Baracca in Onara di Tombolo. He leaves his father Felice, who was a Lavazza representative and has recently retired, his mother Elisa and his sisters Giulia, the eldest, and Noemi, the youngest. For a year he had been dating Sofia Rossato, from Grantorto. That she knew the sacred fire of her boyfriend, she understood his passion.

Giacomo Mazzonetto is the best friend, Stefano heard on Tuesday: «He was going to Friuli, there was an exchange of messages. He had written to me because he wanted to take Montasio home with us. He was like this: a man of celebration, of company, always available ».

A nice company, which goes beyond the borders of Campo San Martino. «I met him while volunteering in the Mato Grosso operation. Even if we are no longer busy we are in close contact. We were supposed to meet tomorrow to have an evening together in a mountain hut, we had planned to arrive in Asiago. It was an improvised one, among friends ».

Stefano went alone to Friuli: “It happened when he could not find anyone to ride with, he was always in difficulty in finding adventure companions, but it rarely happened that he left alone”.

The fever of climbing: «In June he had left his job, he was a technical designer in an engineering firm, in Belvedere di Tezze sul Brenta, in the Vicenza area». A drastic choice: «he wanted to devote himself totally to climbing. His dream of him was to become a mountain guide, he told me that he had to build a sort of curriculum. He was training because he wanted his passion to become his job. He got us involved. I too did some climbing ».


He was a talent: «He was very good. When you were shooting with him he gave you confidence, he controlled yours more than his equipment, the knots on the rope, if you made the right steps, he had a predisposition to teach. He was methodical, careful, scrupulous ».

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Stefano, after the schools in Tombolo, had graduated from the “Meucci” of Cittadella, mechanical expert. “On Tuesday evening I saw Sofia, she came by, she was carefree, she had heard Stefano.” Unpredictable: «Last Saturday she was supposed to be at a party, but in the afternoon she told us that she wouldn’t make it, she was returning from a tour on Sunday. And then he would leave. He was free. It weighed heavily on him to work in the office, as soon as he could he would go out and go to the mountains. We did the first climbs together at night, we disconnected from work and off we went ».

And then, he had a generous heart: «Ready for anything. You called him and he would come. He was always there, he cared about it, he was present ». The news of the death shocks: «I said to myself ‘what have you done now, have you done it big’. But I was wrong. Because it’s true: here he was enthusiasm, a demand for life, urgency, haste, frenzy ». He ate his life. “He was agitated, he acted on instinct. But as soon as he went up to the mountains, it’s strange: he changed, he found his discipline in the mountains ».

A man in his most natural, most real environment.

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