“Award? Wonderful recognition, I thank those who have great esteem in me”

“Award? Wonderful recognition, I thank those who have great esteem in me”
“Award? Wonderful recognition, I thank those who have great esteem in me”
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During the event dedicated to Nereo Rocco spoke Vincenzo Italiano. These are his statements taken from Tuttomercatoweb:

“We are back to winning and it is a well-deserved success, we did what the moment required. The award? It is a wonderful recognition, I thank those who have great esteem in me”.

Is flexibility the secret of the latest success?
“I have always said that the best information is given by the players: at this moment we needed to give support to our striker, also because the opponent required some changes and the result was important. The players know how to adapt and I have to be in a good position. able to put them at ease “.

In what does Vincenzo Italiano still need to improve?
“It improves day by day, especially when new players arrive with different characteristics and new characters. Even those who are much more experienced than me know that this is the truth. I am one of those who must always seek the best”.

How long did you expect these two weeks to work on the group?
“There will be eight national teams and we will work with the other and many players of the Primavera, also with a view to the next opponent. We have used these days to recover and we have given the boys a few more days off because we came from an incredible tour de force. wait another but in these ten to twelve days we will try to investigate some aspects that will bring some different results from the point of view of attention from the boys “.

It is as if they were two mini-leagues before and after the break. What do you need to do to improve?
“As I said before, the first tour de force is gone and we are the team that has played the most games of all. That playoff took us away a lot of concentration because we all wanted to get through the round and we focused on that. In the championship we could have had some points. plus, we deserved it and we will try to get it back. In some championship races we deserved more. “


Su Pioli who won the award as sportsman of the year?
“Stratospheric congratulations to the coach for what he is doing. He won a championship with a team that expressed great football, beautiful to watch, congratulations to him. He is a coach who manages to make anyone pay compliments to him.”

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How are Jovic and Amrabat?
“They were both bruised, they will try to recover, they were minor things, nothing to worry about”.

How are the forwards? We have seen the solution of the third striker, will we be able to review it?
“I think this was a solution based on what the opponent proposes. We needed different characteristics that we had put on the field lately. We’ll see later, in this situation we have to look for the best. The solution has been winning, we’ll see for the next matches. We are all struggling to score, they have to work. “

The article is in Italian

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