I want you to know from me. It is yet another crisis

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Mauro Icardi and Wanda Nara separate. The announcement, after days of indiscretions and denials, comes from the Argentine class of 1986.

It thundered so much that it rained. After days of rumors about possible new breaks, complete with denials, Wanda Nara has decided to come out with a laconic message on social media. In one of her stories on Instagram, Argentina announced the separation of her with Mauro Icardi. A new crisis, which, however, judging by the peremptory stance could be definitive. All this a few weeks after the start of the new life in Turkey of the center forward, after the turbulent conclusion of the adventure at PSG.

After 8 years of marriage, and two daughters, the love story between Mauro Icardi and Wanda Nara who also holds the role of agent of the center forward, seems to have arrived at the terminus. On the other hand, the feeling that something between the two had broken, already during the famous case that broke out about a year ago and became a real soap opera that had destabilized even the leaders of the Eiffel Tower club, is very strong. On that occasion it all started from the footballer’s convict messages for the most classic of triangles with China Suarez. A pink-hued fuss, with Wanda’s flight from Paris to Milan, and her husband’s desperate attempts to recover the situation, also putting aside his work commitments with the bleus.

After several weeks, posts on social media, and more or less agreed declarations, on that occasion peace came and the attempt to start over. The tranquility, however, apparently for the two was only momentary since recently there has been talk of a new moment of difficulty between the two, also fueled by some social clues such as talking about Wanda’s past in answering questions from fans about her. love story. Without forgetting the post on horoscope predictions: “How will you end this 2022? Sagittarius: single“.

A different attitude compared to that of Maurito who, instead of a question from a fan in an Instagram story, decisively denied the rumors about a separation from his wife: “As I have already been asked a thousand times, let’s clarify it from the beginning. NO! We are not separate. This work commitment that you made in Argentina is ending and in a few days we will find you at home, because both me and the children are missing a lot. Obviously, gossip shows and shows sell the lies of two public figures like us. But we’re more than used to it and sometimes we like to play around with so much nonsense that they make up and we feed them from time to time. I love you, Wanda Nara “. And as if that were not enough then it opened up to the possibility of having another child in the pipeline.

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Wanda's post announcing the separation

Wanda’s post announcing the separation

A few hours after Icardi’s long message, Wanda Nara has in fact denied what she said by her partner: “It is very painful for me to live in this moment, but given my exposure to the transcending situation and media speculation it is preferable that you know this from me. I have nothing else to clarify and I am not going to give any kind of detail about this separation. Please, I ask you to understand not only for me, but also for our children. ”

Here, then, is that Mauro Icardi has canceled the story in which he denied the rumors, now useless, including the one in which he showed the screenshot of a chat in which his wife expressed the will to want to embrace him. Will it be a definitive crisis? Or maybe it will be another one, yet another theatrical coup? The way in which Wanda has expressed herself this time seems to leave little margin on her real will. Maybe it’s time to take stock of a love story that she has been talking about for years.

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