“By talking to you, perhaps, I could have avoided this end”

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A close-up in which his eyes speak and also the writings on his face. The last post in the profile of Manuel Achille Vallicella, contains in itself, in the light of today’s events, all the darkness that he carried inside. At the age of 35, the former suitor of men and women, who in his life was a tattoo artist, took his own life. Never give up, he had tattooed on his left eyebrow. But he couldn’t not give up, and so last night he committed suicide. “You can say a lot, without saying anything.” These are the last words of him on social networks.

Manuel Vallicella, the tronista died. Costantino Vitagliano: «I thought I was Superman, I was fragile and the castle came down. So I survived the fame “

Manuel Vallicella commits suicide, the thoughts of friends

An end probably that many expected, at least to hear my friend Enrico Ciriaci:Manuel had been suffering from depression since his mother died three years ago. We hadn’t been close to him also because he hadn’t confided in anyone. He wasn’t the kind of person who externalized his problems to him, he kept everything inside. And it is true, Manuel was not an easy person to understand, but his feelings showed a great goodness of mind. He had presented himself in Maria De Filippi’s program in 2016 with his beauty and his frailties. He had arrived in the Mediaset studios to woo Ludovica Valli and had established a special relationship with her. At the time of the final choice, however, the tronista decided to leave the program with Fabio Ferrara. So after some time Manuel returned to the transmission of Maria De Filippi, as a tronista. But decided to drop out shortly afterwards to return to his him tattoo studio. The world of entertainment did not interest him, art was his kingdom. But even in that she was not able to find a foothold to cling to the will to live.

Manuel Vallicella, who was the former tronista who died at 35. The pain for the mother and that last post: “You can say a lot without saying anything”

The landing to Men and Women

A metalworker since he was 15, Manuel had said that he could have become a footballer, but then the road presented him with other choices. Along the way, he was faced with the opportunity to participate in Maria De Filippi’s dayting, and he did it. He tried to take on the clothes of the beautiful and damned but then they weren’t his and he took them off.

The heartbreaking post of Ludovica Valli

In the program he met Ludovica and fell in love with her. Now she remembers it, she from her profile with 1.8 million followers.

I am speechless, really, I am shocked …. I will never forget your shyness and your sweet eyes, meeting you was an honor. Now you can rest, may the earth be light to you. Manuel, have a good trip.

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The homage of Maria De Filippi

From unselected suitor he became tronista. He had won the hearts of the audience and that of the hostess. An affection towards the former tronista Manuel Vallicella also shared by Maria De Filippi as well as by all her staff who yesterday, at the end of the UeD episode, broadcast a video with some clips made during the television adventure of the ex 35 years old. «Hi Manuel, may the earth be light to you», wrote the editorial staff at the end of the clip, thus giving a final farewell to one of the most beloved characters in the history of Men and Women.

The words of Gianni Spèrti

There was also Gianni Sperti, historical columnist on Men and Women: “Everyone noticed you for your physical appearance but then remembered you for your shyness and goodness of mind”, wrote the former dancer “The question what ails me is: Who knows if, by talking to you a little more, I could have done something to avoid this final traffic. I love you”. And Raffaella Mennoia also wanted to remember him, “I’m so sorry that I can’t even write it”

Manuel and his difficult life

Taciturn and silent but for Manuel all this was a strong point: “I don’t talk much, but not talking does not mean not having character: you show character when you fall and get up again to me in life it has happened many times.” This he said in 2017, but today the story ended differently.

Manuel Achille Vallicella, goodbye to the tronista of “Men and women”: he died at the age of 35

The funeral

Manuel Achille Vallicella’s friends have announced the date of the funeral. Friday 23 September there will be the opportunity to give a final farewell to the former face of Men and Women, who passed away prematurely. The funeral ceremony will be held at the Church of the Beata Vergine Maria Immacolata, in the district of Strà in the municipality of Colognola ai Colli, in the province of Verona.

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