the criminals spilled it directly from the drainage channel in via Fratelli Sebastiani

the criminals spilled it directly from the drainage channel in via Fratelli Sebastiani
the criminals spilled it directly from the drainage channel in via Fratelli Sebastiani
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RIETI – The CTA department (Control, territory and environment) of the local police command of the Municipality of Rieti is proceeding in the investigations and investigations in progress on the large payment of liquid waste found in a drainage channel in via Fratelli Sebastiani. The hypothesized substance is used oil but we will have to wait until the first days of October for the results of the tests. In the meantime, the first safety measures are already foreseen today, involving the aspiration of the residual liquid part and the removal of the cortical part of the riverbed to eliminate the most polluting layer from an environmental point of view.

Analyzes. This resulting material will then be stored pending further analyzes in order to evaluate the method of disposal, as each company specializes in certain types of pollutants. Waiting to know the exact characterization of the polluting liquid waste, tomorrow the first operations to remove the spill will take place with the aspiration of the coarser part and an initial safety of the state of the places. In the continuation of the analysis activities, a series of procedures are also envisaged aimed at examining the state of the soils: the level of permeation in the subsoil and the possible penetration into the underlying aquifer and then, finally, to pass to the entire reclamation of the area. A protocol whose process will be entirely followed by the CTA department of the local police of Rieti.

Environmental damage. An environmental damage that had already been ascertained last September 15 by the traffic police on the recommendation of a private citizen and which immediately activated the staff of the Municipal which, in turn, had affected the technicians of the municipal warehouse, Aps and Arpa Lazio as technical bodies called to assist in judicial police activities. Sampling of the substance was carried out on site pending the definition of its characterization so as to involve companies authorized to recover and dispose of it. The next day – one by one – all the manholes along the road, upstream and downstream and around via Fratelli Sebastiani, one also in a private area, had also been inspected with a pipe probe, but all the surveys had given results. negative.

Spill in via Fratelli Sebastiani. A circumstance that probably leads to the deduction that the alleged waste oil spill took place directly on the spot, directly inside the drainage channel, perhaps with a greater flood due to the abundant rainfall that fell in those days, without having therefore passed through sewers and pipes.
Dozens of liters of liquid waste poured which, although visually very impacting, have nevertheless caused a not enormous environmental damage as that drainage channel reaches only some plots and fields of via Porcara and via Torrente and, despite the extent of the substance present is downstream that upstream of the spill point in via Fratelli Sebastiani, it has not reached fields or sowing areas and has no connections with the nearby river Velino. Furthermore, being a clayey substrate and therefore partially impermeable, it did not favor the absorption of the biological substance.

The cost to the community. A damage (even quite expensive) which, however, in all likelihood, will pay the entire Rieti community as it is difficult to trace the person responsible for such a reckless and uncivilized gesture that, instead of using the advantageous services of the National Consortium of waste oils ( Conou) deputy to the collection, management and regeneration of used oils, he preferred to pollute and deface the environment. Also yesterday, on site, personnel from the CTA department were present with technicians and specialized companies for a preliminary inspection before the operations scheduled for today. Meanwhile, the information regarding the crime against unknown persons has arrived at the Prosecutor’s Office and investigations are underway to trace the perpetrator of the act.

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