Italy-England, Mancini: “I want team spirit”

Italy-England, Mancini: “I want team spirit”
Italy-England, Mancini: “I want team spirit”
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The blue coach on the eve of the Nations League match: “We’ll see if Gabbiadini will go on the pitch”. Bonucci on Gigio: “I don’t see why there should be this hatred towards a player who has made choices and has always behaved like a professional”

From our correspondent Andrea Elefante

September 22
– Coverciano (FI)

“Something this match reminds us …”. Wembley and July 2021 seem very far away, but it is precisely the re-face of England, tomorrow night at San Siro (already reached 40,000 tickets), for a race that can keep Italy in the running for the Nations League final four, must be the right spark. Roberto Mancini explained it on Monday and reiterated it today: “We need to find enthusiasm and in view of a match like this, there cannot be none. The victory of the European Championship is there, in our palmares. We live in a complicated moment, we have many absentees. , but we cannot stay there every time to say what we lack: we have to find solutions, as we have done in the past. This team has a spirit that has always distinguished it even in difficulties: the boys know what to do in these matches. “

Game system

Among the many absent there were also some excluded by choice from the coach, who did not mince words at the TV microphones: “The desire to come to the national team must always be there and not every other month”. And to dribble the problem of the few means available, it is not certain that the solution is to change the game system, moving to 3-5-2 as tried in the training of recent days. On this the coach still left the benefit of the doubt. He only knows that he won’t have Tonali either, “who hasn’t practically trained with us these days: we hoped to get him back for Budapest, but we didn’t take any risks and now we’re thinking of sending him home. enough to be sure of winning, we would do it every game. We have a reference system and in any case the thing that matters is identity, and we have one that has made us do well for a long time. A coach must adapt to the type of players he has: for this reason four years ago, having technically good players, we tried to control the game, so as not to stretch out on the pitch and be able to defend and attack well. Then you can also change, we will evaluate until the last “.

English praise

In both systems Gabbiadini can be useful: “I would have liked to call him even earlier, but he had always had some physical problems. I was looking for a left-handed winger, there aren’t many, and he’s pretty good.” England too, probably: “Definitely better than in June: they play a lot, at the end of the season they arrived tired. They are one of the strongest teams in the world, full of talents especially in attack and they can improve even more”. The help of San Siro will also be needed, and the memory of the last blue match at the Meazza, against Spain, with Donnarumma whistled for a long time, is another unknown: “Football is emotion, sometimes the fan whistles because he feels betrayed, and there is: maybe Gigio was so loved that his farewell was perceived as a betrayal. Of course, if the national team were helped it would be better … “.

Bonucci and whistles


Less soft on the subject was Leonardo Bonucci, as a captain wounded – in the name of all – by the dissent of that evening in October a year ago: “Whistling a player of the national team when he has the blue shirt on is for people without brains. having had all the disagreements in the world, but at that moment that player also represents you who are whistling. We need cultural growth and in any case we expect a stadium that will help us from start to finish “. As for him, he says, he is used to dissent. On the recent social attacks it is equally clear: “If ingratitude was only that of recent times … Someone talks too much, but I have lived a career like this, even worse moments and nothing scares me, I do what I have to and go to my head high, always “. At the delicate moment in Juve, with the recent Monza bench, he does not make direct references. But when he talks about being a leader, he also sends very clear messages about his Juventus status: because for him the shirt he plays with doesn’t change anything. “When I come to the national team I regenerate myself, I recharge: not only this time, it has been like this every time I came, from 12 years to today. I am myself, always: everything I do, I have always done it for the team and for myself. Juve or the national team makes no difference: I always behave as I think it is right. For me it is important to get up in the morning, look in the mirror and be able to tell myself that I have done everything to help the team and myself. ” What he will do tomorrow night: “This is a very important match because it will make us understand where we are on the new path. Where and what to improve: there is no match more suitable to build something important. And we will have to pay attention to their individuality. : especially in front of them they have talents who can decide the game at any moment “.

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the agreement with Ita airways

On the sidelines of the Mancini and Bonucci conference, in the presence of President Gabriele Gravina, the agreement was formalized until 31 December 2024 between the FIGC and Ita Airways, which becomes the official carrier of the Italian national football teams (men, women, youth, futsal, beach sport and esport) and will take care of all air travel. The Italian Referees Association, the Technical Sector and the Youth and School Sector will also be among the beneficiaries of the partnership, according to which the national airline will transport in the next two years (“Accompagnerà”, the CEO Fabio prefers to say Lazzerini) with its planes with new blue Savoy livery over 30,000 travelers involved in the “business travel” of the Football Federation.

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