Ruben Olivera at the BN: ‘If I were Juve I would call Zidane. Bonucci? It is wrong to only blame him ‘

Ruben Olivera at the BN: ‘If I were Juve I would call Zidane. Bonucci? It is wrong to only blame him ‘
Ruben Olivera at the BN: ‘If I were Juve I would call Zidane. Bonucci? It is wrong to only blame him ‘
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What we are experiencing at Juve is perhaps one of the grayest periods in the whole history of the Old Lady, with the mind that inevitably returns to the post-Calciopoli years. The former Juventus player also analyzed the crisis affecting Madama Ruben Olivera, who made statements in exclusive to the microphones de

Do you think Juve’s problem is Allegri or is there something else?

‘Juve has entered a limbo from which it will be difficult to get out. After the break, the team will certainly be fresher but there is no game idea. To today I see at least 8 or 9 teams that are much better off than Juve. They are all waiting for Di Maria to make the play or for Vlahovic to score, but the truth is that the team is very submissive, very short and seems to be afraid to attack the opposing teams. Against Fiorentina we played for 45 minutes in our own half. ‘

Would you continue with Allegri or would you make different choices if you were at Juve?

‘Knowing what the Juve environment is, I think it is difficult for them to be influenced by outside chatter. If they have to change, I’d take Zidane. He is one who knows the environment and surely they have already contacted him, I don’t think they want to die with their eyes open. If they do not change after the break, it will be difficult for them to change later. ‘

How important is the absence of the injured and how much could the situation change?

‘It certainly weighs, but it won’t change that much. Pogba comes from a difficult season and he will need at least 4 or 5 games to get back into shape. The same goes for Chiesa, Di Maria had three monsters in front of the PSG and has fewer minutes in his legs. Waiting for Chiesa and Pogba will already be too late ‘.

Vlahovic remains one of the best in the world in his role?

‘Yes sure. He shows the determination and desire that he puts into every race, he has a different hunger than his teammates. The team has little quality and he is paying for that, it is one thing to play at Fiorentina and one thing is to play at Juve, the pressures are different. I am convinced that going forward he will always do better and I hope he will return with some more motivation from the national team. ‘

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Could Milik’s presence disturb him?

No, there is no comparison. He has a champion’s head and is stronger than Milik, although together in my opinion they can do very well. ‘

What idea did you have about the Bonucci case?

‘That’s no good. He is certainly in the crosshairs as the captain of the team, but he must also be understood. He was used to playing with people like Tevez, Ronaldo, Pirlo, now everything is different. It is not easy for him either attacking him alone doesn’t seem right‘.

Who do you see as favorite for the Scudetto?

‘At the moment I see the Milan. Napoli are also doing very well but it will be necessary to see if they can withstand the pressures when the decisive moment comes. Now I say it will be a fight between the two of them, then Atalanta and all the others. ‘

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