Who is Elenoire Casalegno: age, career, private life, partner, daughter

Who is Elenoire Casalegno: age, career, private life, partner, daughter
Who is Elenoire Casalegno: age, career, private life, partner, daughter
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Elenoire Casalegno is today one of the best-known conductors, who has become known to the public for the story she had when she was very young with Vittorio Sgarbi

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Elenoire Casalegno’s name became known to the general public when, in her early twenties, she began a relationship with Vittorio Sgarbi, which lasted only a few months. Since then, however, she has managed to build a career on TV, initially as a “valetta” (she joined Raimondo Vianello in “Pressing”), then as a presenter.

Even now the critic refers to her as a “work of art”, confirming how a relationship of mutual esteem has remained between them.

Elenoire Casalegno: who she is, age and career

Elenoire Casalegno was born in Savona on May 28, 1976, but then lived for a few years in Ravenna with her parents once she finished her studies. Still a minor, she tied up with Vittorio Sgarbi, with whom she was engaged in 1997, but in the meantime she tried to make her way into the world of entertainment by participating in an important beauty contest such as “Look of the Year” in 1994. In the same year she landed on TV at the head of the musical program “Jammin ‘”.

From 1997 until 1999 he joined Raimondo Vianello at “Pressing”, as well as having conducted “Scherzi a parte” and the “Festivalbar”. In her curriculum there is also her experience as an actress in the film “Paparazzi”, where she played herself “and in the Mediaset series” SPQR “.

Many still remember her for the unveiled calendar of which she was the protagonist in 2001, although there was no lack of criticism.

In the following years her presence on the small screen was not constant, but it led her to test herself in different transmissions. This is the case of “Mondiale Sera” (2002) on Raiuno alongside Fabrizio Maffei, “Robin Hood” (2004), “Sipario” (2009), “Saturday Night Live from Milan” (2010), and “Mistero” (2014), but as a correspondent. More recently she took part in the “Big Brother Vip” (2016), as well as being the shoulder of Giovanni Ciacci in “Cover Lives” on Tv8.


His private life

After the relationship with Sgarbi, in 1999 Elenoire became Swami’s mother, the fruit of her love with Ringo.

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Subsequently the showgirl fell in love with the singer Omar Pedrini, who is still grateful to her today for having saved his life: “One night she felt bad, she had stomach pains. I accompanied him to the pharmacy where they measured his blood pressure: perfect. They gave him something for alleged congestion and we went home. They advised him to rest. After a while I tried to wake him up, but he didn’t want to, he kept saying ‘Let me sleep’. So I lifted him – not an easy effort with a 1.90 tall man – loaded him into the car, took him to the hospital. They tested him and found that he had an aortic aneurysm, to be operated on immediately. The surgeon warned me: ‘Look, the chances of success are 20%’. He did it ”- she told in an interview.

Casalegno got married only once, in 2014, with Sebastiano Lombardi, network manager and CEO of Retequattro, but three years later the two decided to take different paths.

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