The royal biographer reveals what Queen Elizabeth II’s true legacy is

The royal biographer reveals what Queen Elizabeth II’s true legacy is
The royal biographer reveals what Queen Elizabeth II’s true legacy is
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Death of Queen Elizabeth II

The interview with Matthew Dennison, historian and journalist, author of the book “Elizabeth, the most beloved” on the life of the queen who died last September 8: “It has strengthened the ties between the Crown and the country. Charles? You will benefit from the example of the parents. Camilla will be an extraordinary resource for her kingdom ”.

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Death of Queen Elizabeth II

Loyalty to the Crown, integrity and honesty.

These are the pillars on which Queen Elizabeth II, who died at the age of 96 last September 8, founded her long reign. And also her inheritance that she left to her son Carlo, who succeeded her on the throne.

He is convinced of it Matthew Dennison, historian and journalist for the Times, Daily Telegraph, Country Life and Spectator, as well as author of “Elizabeth, the most beloved“, published in Italy by Joints editor, in which he retraces his life and reign through an era of unprecedented and often seismic social change.

TO he explained what remains of the reign of the longest-lived sovereign in English history and what can be expected from the future of the monarchy.


Matthew, what do you think remains of the reign of Elizabeth II?

“The Queen maintained the Crown’s place at the center of national life and strengthened the ties between the Crown and the country, a distinctive aspect of the monarchy in Great Britain.

Elizabeth II was a much loved figure by Britons of all ages and classes. You have also preserved the dignity and respect of the Crown during a period in which many institutions of British public life – Parliament, the police, the Church – have ceased to do so.

Lifelong fidelity to promises of service – her attention to others before herself – as well as her personal honesty, integrity and modesty, have become a shining example to those in public life, and in the wake of his death is a widespread feeling in Britain that we can all be inspired by his example.

Furthermore, its belief in the Commonwealth as a positive force has strengthened the bonds between the nations that are part of it. Through charitable initiatives, they have benefited many people, confirming the importance of the British crown as the only global monarchy in the world. “

You have written a book on the life of the sovereign. What are the three most important moments that can define her reign?

“My belief is that the queen’s reign has been defined by every commitment she has undertaken.

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What we now recognize as his success is the consistency of his service and his loving engagement with the people of this country and the Commonwealth countries, and he has demonstrated this in meetings with children in schools as well as with world statesmen at banquets. officers “.

Throughout his life he met numerous heads of state and met various prime ministers. Who was his favorite?

“The key to the Queen’s success is that she never expressed strong preferences or aversions, except for the little things – for example, she preferred beds made with sheets and blankets to a duvet.

People will speculate on their favorite British prime ministers – usually opting for Winston Churchill And Harold Wilson – but the Queen herself has never made any public statement about it. She was raised with a strong old-fashioned code of good manners, which meant treating everyone, regardless of their opinion, with respect. “

What do you think King Charles’ reign will be like?

“Given the good health of the monarchy, I believe it will be a good time: he has a broader and deeper knowledge of the people of Great Britain and the Commonwealth than any previous new monarch and a broad understanding of the problems facing people in these countries. .

He also benefited from the example of his parents and his grandmother, Queen Elizabeth, the Queen Mother, for many years, who prepared him for his new role. “

How do you interpret the figure of the Queen consort, Camilla?

“At the time of the death of DianaPrincess of Wales, then Camilla Parker Bowles was a controversial figure.

Since her marriage to Charles, Camilla has shown her commitment to British public life. The emergence of information about Charles and Diana’s marriage showed people that they mistakes they were committed by both sides: Diana was not simply a victim. I believe the new Queen consort will be an extraordinary asset in the new kingdom. The issue of the magazine Country Life which he edited for his 75th birthday – to which I contributed – was the best-selling issue ever. “

What will the future of the monarchy be like, including William and Harry’s relationship?

“A rapprochement is always possible and Charles offered an olive branch to the Duke and Duchess of Sussex in his first address to the nation as King. I am not aware, however, that Harry and Meghan have expressed a desire to return to life. public in Great Britain. The Queen acknowledged that it is not possible to be a part-time royal: royalty is a full-time calling. The king would share this view. “

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