Dear energy, the League meets Valentino Grant: immediately a ceiling on the price of gas | isNews

Dear energy, the League meets Valentino Grant: immediately a ceiling on the price of gas | isNews
Dear energy, the League meets Valentino Grant: immediately a ceiling on the price of gas | isNews
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ELECTORAL SPACE / The MEP and great manager illustrates the Carroccio’s proposals to overcome the crisis. Themes also reiterated by Michele Marone, who relaunches asking for the cancellation of the health debt. VIDEO

ISERNIA. The dear energy at the center of this afternoon’s meeting in Isernia with Valentino Grant, MEP of the Lega .. The three Molise candidates of Salvini’s party welcomed him at the electoral headquarters in Corso Garibaldi: Alberto Tramontano to the Senate proportional, Michele Marone and Rita Colaci to the plurinominal of the Chamber.

The event was strongly supported by Maria Cocozza, city coordinator of the Carroccio, and Stefano Testa, regional manager of the Economics Department and particularly sensitive to the subject, given that as a professional, every day he is in contact with families and companies that raise a cry every day. alarm for the future. Testa, in fact, explained how Valentino Grant was invited not only to make a classic presentation of the candidates, but also in the dual role of parliamentarian in Brussels and great manager in the field of credit institutions and entrepreneurship, as well as a member of the Board of Directors of Cassa Depositi e Prestiti. An authoritative voice, therefore, who was able to explain what means Europe has and what difficulties businesses face and how to overcome them. All this contextualized in the thorniest issue of the moment, namely that of expensive energy, with the new Italian government called to face the crisis.

A moment of Testa’s intervention

During the meeting, much attended by militants and citizens, the MEP reiterated the strong themes of the League to those present: “The price levels of electricity and gas are 10 times higher than those of the pre-Covid years – he said -. autumn will be dramatic if action is not taken as soon as possible “.

For this reason Matteo Salvini and his team are asking for new public resources (financed with the extra VAT revenue) to fight against expensive energy and expensive fuels and gas supply to companies at controlled prices. At the same time, action will also have to be taken to reduce consumption with public information campaigns, making energy efficiency, developing renewables and enhancing energy from waste. In the medium-long term it is necessary to invest on several fronts, starting with the greater national production of gas and biomethane, arriving at clean and safe nuclear power of the latest generation.

All themes reaffirmed by the Northern League’s regional commissioner Michele Marone. “In the short term, Europe must be asked for a maximum ceiling on the Amsterdam gas market – he reiterated – otherwise we will go more and more towards the speculations that have given rise to the increase in bills, for Italian families and companies”.


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At the same time, however, Marone also touched on the age-old problem of health. For the candidate for the Chamber, Molise cannot be considered second class but on the contrary, like Veneto and Lombardy, the right to health care must be recognized. The only possible ways are the immediate cancellation of the debt, the enhancement of services and the hiring of new staff.

Among the guests was also the centrist Lorenzo Cesa, candidate for the uninominal of the Chamber. His presence was hailed as a sign of the great unity of the coalition. “We must act concretely – he said – not to make happen again what has happened in the last 5 years, where 5 representatives of this region have not produced half a result in support of Molise”. Hence his appeal to vote for the center-right, within which “there is great unity, linked to the defense of some values ​​that are dear to all four parties. I am referring to the defense of the Christian identity of a Country, to the defense of the family, the defense of life and the politics of concreteness “.


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