Will prices stay high for … years?

Will prices stay high for … years?
Will prices stay high for … years?
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On February 21, 1972, Nixon shocked the world by flying to Shanghai to normalize relations between the US and China.

There had been no communication between the United States and China for 25 years before.

That gesture triggered decades of global economic growth.

The United States was the first world economy and at the same time a place where production cost.

American companies found in China a place to give way to the most unbridled consumerism, producing at ridiculously low cost.

All consumers worldwide have benefited from this report.

Indeed, the combination of cheap oil, efficient supply chains and low production costs has helped keep inflation LOW for decades.

Unfortunately, this trend is coming to an end.

First, China has become a superpower.

Prosperity has increased along with wages, and consequently also the costs of production.

Some companies have well thought of moving production to even cheaper countries, such as Bangladesh and Vietnam.

However, these countries are also becoming expensive places to produce.

Some companies, following the Covid blockades, have returned to produce in the country of origin after learning that domestic production is more reliable.

This is true, if we do not consider the fact that producing in “rich” countries is very expensive, and leads to higher costs for consumers.

In addition, the job market is changing rapidly and the number of retirees is growing dramatically.

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Governments will only make things worse, unfortunately.

Central banks refuse to admit that inflation was caused by their frenzied money printing and governments refuse to admit that inflation is due to their insane deficit spending.

In addition, Covid, war and environmental fanaticism are all 3 very inflationary.

The end of the war won’t solve a thing.

The problem is another, and it is far greater.

The vision of the Stockgain team is clear:

Inflation will remain persistent over the next decade.

A new era has just begun.

We have identified 3 sectors in particular in which to invest in the next period.

You can find out in the video below.




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