how to do it, prices, bonuses, who to contact

how to do it, prices, bonuses, who to contact
how to do it, prices, bonuses, who to contact
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There kitchen it is one of the main rooms of the house, the one where the family gathers to cook and taste the dishes, the one in which delicious dishes are prepared for the guests and where many moments of the day are lived. Precisely for this reason, it must always be beautiful, functional and avant-garde.

Renovating the kitchen can take a long time and many people are held back because they do not know the timing, but also what to buy, the costs of projects and works or who to turn to to save. In this guide we will clarify all doubts about the kitchen renovation.

How to renovate the kitchen

The kitchen must be beautiful and functional, when designing you have to think about many details. For example, you have to choose resistant and high quality materials, which last as long as possible. Of course, we must not give up the aesthetic aspect and design, but combine all aspects.

But the kitchen renovation it does not mean only the renewal of the furnishings. In fact, let’s talk about extraordinary interventions which include:

  • painting
  • renovation of the floor
  • realization of the coatings
  • any work on systems and connections
  • baseboard
  • plasterboard veils
  • kitchen installation

For example, it is necessary to understand if the systems are working perfectly. If you add appliances, such as an oven or dishwasher, you need to make sure that there are enough power sockets and that the system can handle the power of the new appliances. If you add the dishwasher you also have to work on the hydraulic system. In modern homes the system is already set up and simply connect the dishwasher pipes to the tap and drain.

In case, the implants need one redesign, you can also think of a new layout of the spaces. For example, you could move the sink or appliances or even create an open space.

Redo the floor it can raise the necessary budget a lot, so you could think of a cheaper solution, for example laying the new flooring over the pre-existing one. Currently the market offers huge safe and high quality possibilities.

How much does it cost to renovate the kitchen

THE prices of each intervention depend on several factors. In general, they are broken down on average as follows:

  • Removal and installation of the new floor: 30 euros / sqm
  • Painting of the walls: 10 euros / sqm
  • New connections: 25 euros for each light point
  • New plumbing connections: 130 euros for each water point
  • Coverings: 30 euros / sqm

In addition to these expenses, the kitchen itself must also be considered. The market offers solutions for every budget, the cheapest ones can cost 1500 euros. The sum of all these works, for a small kitchen, is around 5000-6000 euros. For a large kitchen you can spend around 25,000 euros.

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Kitchen bonus: facility to renovate the kitchen

There are several bonuses to save. The first is the Renovation Bonus, one tax deduction of 50% on all extraordinary maintenance work on the house. To have the incentive for interventions that allow a energy saving the communication must be sent to ENEA. So to get the bonus it is not enough to change the kitchen, but more important interventions must be planned, such as the creation of new doors or windows, changes to the house, creation of a balcony and so on. The replacement of the floor or the covering as well as the painting or other ordinary maintenance interventions are not calculated in the bonus.

Who has the requirements to take advantage of the Restructuring Bonus may also require the Bonus Furniture and Appliancesvalid for the whole of 2024. For the whole of 2022, the spending limit is 10 thousand euros, but will be reduced to 5 thousand euros in the following two years.

Among the furniture that you can buy with the bonus stand out tables and chairs, but also kitchen tops, shelves, sideboards and wardrobes. In addition to the kitchen furniture, you can have the discount for appliances of class A + or higher (Class A is sufficient for dishwashers and ovens). Among the appliances that can be purchased we find refrigerators, freezers, but also ovens and all the appliances used in the kitchen. If you buy low consumption appliances that allow energy savings to be obtained, the communication must be sent to ENEA.

To save further it is also possible ask for more quotes and choose the offer that best meets your needs. Thanks to House Yellow Pages It also saves a lot of time in the process of finding and selecting professionals.

In fact, thanks to the platform it is possible to fill in the form with your area and the service you need. For example, you can look for renovation firms in Milan. After sending the request, you will receive several quotes that can be compared without obligation.

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