Samsung UE43AU9079UXZT, smart TV at half price: data sheet and discount

Samsung UE43AU9079UXZT, smart TV at half price: data sheet and discount
Samsung UE43AU9079UXZT, smart TV at half price: data sheet and discount
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Not just smartphones. For some time, in fact, Samsung has established itself on the consumer electronics market as a successful manufacturer of devices of all kinds, from household appliances to PCs. The Samsung smart TVthen, they were able to gain a substantial slice of the TV market thanks to high quality products at more than attractive prices.

An example is the Samsung TV UE43AU9079UXZT, a 43-inch smart TV with a respectable technical data sheet and a very attractive price. And, thanks to today’s top offer on Amazon, the quality / price ratio of the South Korean manufacturer’s device literally skyrockets. The promotion brings the price down to one of the lowest levels ever seen so far, making it a real one best buy in the category.

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Samsung TV UE43AU9079UXZT technical data sheet: features and functionality

Thanks to the Crystal 4K processor and the Dynamic Crystal Color technology, the Samsung smart TV on offer on Amazon is able to guarantee unparalleled video quality. While the processor takes care of analyzing the stream of frames in real time to optimize the settings and always offer the best visual experience, Dynamic Crystal Color technology is designed to optimize colors and show up to a billion shades of colors. The images will be more realistic than ever, allowing you to appreciate every single detail.

To further improve the quality of the images we find the compatibility with the HDR standard and the technology Motion Xcelerator Turbo, which compensates in real time the number of frames of the images to always offer a continuous flow without annoying interruptions. Gamers, on the other hand, cannot fail to appreciate the ultra large game view (aspect ratio to 21: 9 and 32: 9) which broadens your “point of view” during the games and allows you not to miss any details of what is happening in the vicinity of the protagonists of our favorite titles.

There Tizen proprietary platform it then allows you to install dozens and dozens of apps by choosing them from one of the largest catalogs in the category. Not only video and audio streaming platforms: it will also be possible to install video games, utilities and other apps that will improve productivity at work. Thanks to features like PC on the TV And Tap View it will in fact be possible to mirror from computer and smartphone to the TV: it will thus be possible to show videos and photos on the large screen of the TV or to make business video conferences on a much larger display.

There compatibility with Alexa and other voice assistants, on the other hand, allows you to control the TV with simple voice commands, and more. The Samsung smart TV is in fact able to detect compatible smart devices connected to the same Wi-Fi network and synchronize them immediately: this will allow you to transform the device into a smart home hub and manage other devices from the screen.

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Samsung Smart TV in installments without interest: an unmissable offer

Thanks to today’s top offer on Amazon, Samsung’s 43 “smart TV is cheaper than ever: it costs practically half. The 46% discount on the price list guaranteed by the e-commerce giant, it brings the price down to one of the lowest levels ever: buying it today you pay just € 379.00. An offer not to be missed.

Amazon Prime subscribers who have added a credit or debit card to their account can then choose to pay the smart TV in installments without interest or investigation fees. For buy the Samsung smart TV in installments at rate 0 it will be sufficient to choose the installment payment method before adding the product to the cart and then follow the procedure. Without the need for a financial approval, the Samsung UE43AU9079UXZT will cost 75.80 euros per month for five months.

Samsung UE43AU9079UXZT, 43-inch smart TV with LED screen, Crystal 4K processor and Dynamic Crystal Color, integrated Alexa

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