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It has all the air of being a variant of the latest Panigale V4 SP2, this bike being tested in road tests. Which at this point could be the new V4R, which has been missing since 2019

September 16, 2022

TOarchived the second episode of the Ducati World Premiérewith the presentation of the Monster SP, we look at the subsequent appointments with the new Ducati 2023.

That of the next October 7the fourth chapter of the series, is titled “This is Racing”. Which would be perfect for the launch of the new Panigale V4 intended to serve as a technical basis for the championship bikes Superbike.
Well, a bike compatible with this hope / hypothesis is the one that was spotted not too far from Bologna: a test forklift from the Panigale V4 family.

D.to spy photos the indications that are drawn point to something very close to the recent V4 SP2. The wheels in carbon fiberthe superstructures and the tank in aluminum brushed.

In short, it is a top-of-the-range model and our thoughts naturally go to that Panigale V4R of 2019 produced in a limited series of 500 units. An indispensable bike to be able to race in the series derivative championships, where the rule of maximum displacement applies 1,000 cc and where the selling price of the original homologated model must not exceed 40,000 euros.

The recent Panigale V4 SP2

S.u this example we note the presence of the suspensions semi activeas on the SP2 but not as on the old V4R, and of the remote adjustment for the front brake control.
New are the brake calipers, which seem to be the most performing Brembo GP4equipped with cooling air intakes.
The Ohlins fork has sheaths black, rather than gold, and black DLC treatment for the stems; this model is then equipped with an exhaust Akrapovic and a different chain guard appears at the end of the single-sided swingarm.


The Panigale V4R presented at the end of 2018

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S.and is actually the new R, the V4 Desmosedici Stradale would go from the 1,103 cc of the SP2 (from 215 horsepower), to 998 cc obtained by reducing the stroke size.
The previous V4R was credited with the power of 221 horsepower at 15,250 rpm – it went up to 234 hp at 15,500 with the racing kit – but in the meantime widespread improvements have arrived on the Panigale series in the electronic management both when it comes to delivery and for the various controls (traction, skidding, engine brake, wheelie, departure).

THEIn short, the slogan This is Racing it would fit perfectly in this sense.
The SP2 has a claimed dry weight of 178 kg, the previous V4R weighed 172 kgbut with non-electronic suspension.

The article is in Italian

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