Computer, if you use it like this you are crazy: you are destroying your body

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Spending the day in front of the computer can pose risks to our health. Incorrect posture in the work chair, over time, musculoskeletal cause or problems: aches and pains in the neck, arms, back and head.

The assumption of incorrect postures contract our muscles, large and small they may be. If we already have some problems, such as protrusions and herniated discs, everything inevitably gets worse. In order not to stress the muscles of the neck and back, it needs to come respected the natural posture of the back.

This posture respects the physiological curvature of the back, with a cervical (anterior convexity) and lumbar lordosis, and a kyphosis (posterior convexity) at the thoracic and sacral level. When our neck is bent down for hours, like when using the PC for a long time, or when the whole back is hanging in the front, our muscles contract.

Have you ever tried to keep your arm raised, with a small weight in your hand like a bottle, for some time remaining completely still will surely hurt your muscles after a short time. The same happens to your poor back, neck and shoulders when we sit badly. Even if you are young as time goes by, especially if you are not very physically active, things will get worse quickly.

The ideal posture for your health

The ideal posture in order not to contract the muscles and not to have consequences on one’s health, must respect certain criteria and distances studied by experts in human physiology.

Computer workstation

The computer and accessories that we must have within reach (keyboard, mouse …) must be placed on the desk.

A space of at least 10 cm in front of the keyboard, so you can rest your hands or wrists. When using the mouse, keep your hand and wrist aligned and make sure your forearm is well supported.


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For the desktop, it is advisable to have a light background with dark characters and the most suitable size. If at home we don’t have the possibility of having an ideal location, we at least use the desk with an external screen and mouse. Remember to rest your arm on the desk or armrestit is necessary to feel the relaxation of the shoulder while working.

Desk measures

In order for a desk to be suitable for correct posture, it must have one work surface, at least of 120 cm X 80 cm, kept in order. It is recommended to have one tidy desk, without too much stuff on top, so as not to reduce the workspace. A worktop that is too low forces us to curve our backs.

Work chair

Use an ergonomic chair which has the following characteristics:

  • height adjustable seat.
  • adjustable backrest with lumbar support.
  • 5 feet with wheels.
  • Armrests.

Adjust the seat height so that your feet can rest entirely on the ground. Taller people, on the other hand, may have their knees placed at a higher level. This position must be corrected by raising the seat height. In some cases, it also needs to be increased the height of the desk as the legs must always be under the worktop with a space of at least 18 cm between legs and desk. The backrest must be slightly reclined (5-10 degrees) and adjusted in height, allowing the lumbar region to rest on the lumbar support. An excessive muscle load would thus be avoided.

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