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Quality tables not a little increase the beauty and functionality of a home at the same time, but you also have to deal with the budget. Fortunately, with a few simple tricks you can equip yourself with absolutely beautiful and functional tables, even spending little and in some cases very little. Let’s find out more!

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Exist tables of all types and for all budgets. If you want spend little you can orient yourself on models of cheap brands or look at the recent past, with a used piece of furniture recovered in some flea market. Why, alternatively, maybe not rely on do-it-yourself, to create or transform a table, according to your needs, creating something unique and personal, even if you have little budget available? The results will amaze us and we will have beautiful furniture without having spent a fortune.

Tables on a budget: 4 ideas of quality and beauty

1. Reclaimed wood tables

Tables on a budget: 4 ideas of quality and beauty

A table can be made quite easily using materials such as reclaimed woodcoming for example from old boards of a covering or a floor, window frames, other furniture, buildings.

If you are not an expert on do-it-yourselfyou will also be able to rely on various brands and individual artisans who recover wooden elements in order to create new and interesting furnitureincluding tables destined not to go unnoticed for their surface steeped in history.

Each piece is unique and has a remarkable and absolutely inimitable charmgiven by the history lived in all its parts. A table made with recycled wood can be very beautiful, undoubtedly interesting, it will not cost much and will also have the not inconsiderable advantage of being environmentally friendly. and enemy of useless waste, marrying one green sensitivityfortunately more and more widespread today globally.

Old pallets or old doors can be perfect elements for the purpose. Try your hand at the creation of the table it will be fun and stimulating and for those just not able, the opportunities to buy a ready-made oneas mentioned, certainly not lacking.

2. Modern tables on a budget

Tables on a budget: 4 ideas of quality and beauty

If you appreciate the minimal elegance and functional essentiality of many contemporary furnishingsit will be possible with a certain ease find a table aligned with this mood, spending little. A modern house often is furnished in a rather essential way, with furniture and accessories characterized by sober lines and simple volumes. This style is very suitable for those on a tight budget.

Naturally modern furnishings are not always cheapIndeed, if signed by famous designers and made with quality materials, they can cost a lot. However, it will be possible with a little effort, find a cheap table which, with its minimal lines, will integrate well, without disfiguring at all, in a strongly contemporary furnishing context. Just look at the best known low cost brand to find what best suits your tastes.


3. Vintage tables on a budget

Tables on a budget: 4 ideas of quality and beauty

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Objects from the past tell us a story, they somehow make us travel through time, at least with the mind. More and more people appreciate vintage furniture and accessories and, as proof of this, there is the remarkable proliferation of markets and even more sites and apps specialized in second hand.

Of the used furnituremay be in excellent condition, fully functional and able to respond to the most common needs, even of modern living. For some they are out of fashion, for others they have a unique charm and a style characterized by a strong personality.

By attending some flea market or themed social groups you can do great deals and win a table, from the recent past, by spending very little. Instead, antique dealers should generally be avoided, at least if their goal is spend little. If, on the other hand, we want precious pieces and the price is not a problem, the music obviously changes!

4. Industrial tables on a budget

Tables on a budget: 4 ideas of quality and beauty

The industrial style is very trendy to the point that the number of his admirers grows day by day. We don’t always think about it, but if approached correctly this style also allows you to spend little compared to other solutions. The industrial styleor at least the most authentic, is based on the functional and creative reuse of elements that come from productive contextssuch as factories or workshops, but also stations, schools, shops.

We can take elements, for example from an old laboratory, and give them a new life, a new location and a new use in the homethis spending very little in many cases.

For example we can recover an old workbench of a mechanic or a carpenter and turn it into a table which certainly will not go unnoticed. We will have saved money and put back into circulation an object otherwise destined for the landfill. An operation in which everyone, including the environment, earns.

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Having one or more tables at home that are both beautiful and functional, but cheap is by no means an unattainable goal, quite the contrary! As we have seen it is something that in many ways is quite simple, just define what style we like best. In our photogallery some useful tips for choosing.

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