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Alfa Romeo Tonale, the focus on technology on the new issue of Auto

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“The beginning of a new Alfa Romeo era”: this is how Tonale presents itself on the Group’s official website. And it must be said that the technological steps taken by Alfa Romeo on this car suggest that this time around it’s not just about phrases with effect marketing dictates. Starting from NFT (Non-Fungible Token): almost the “golden” word of technology in this 2022; a way, a signature, a technology, based on blockchain, able to certify the authenticity? and the truthfulness? of digital information.

Alfa Romeo Tonale, the report card: passed or rejected?

In the June issue of Auto, Centro Prove put the Alfa Romeo Tonale, the SUV of the Biscione’s rebirth, under the magnifying glass. The test version is the one powered by the 1.5 turbo petrol, 4-cylinder, combined with the MHEV hybrid system, with 160 hp and 240 Nm of torque. In the test conducted by Francesco Forni, the Alfa Romeo Tonale was promoted in almost every respect, jarring only in some details

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Alfa Tonale, guaranteed by NFT

Until now, NFTs have been used to create, and sell, therefore unique and irreproducible digital works of art. Alfa Romeo, on the other hand, had the ingenious idea of ​​putting the NFTs as a “seal” of the data of one’s own Tonale. A way to guarantee history and life, kilometers traveled, events and maintenance, in a precise and indisputable way.


The Tonale takes another big leap forward in infotainment: from the point of view of on-board digital systems, the new Alfa offers all the “standard” features of a high-class, latest-generation vehicle …

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Read the complete insight into the technology of the Alfa Romeo Tonale in the new issue of Auto. Click here for the digital edition!

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