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Return to Monkey Island is the most anticipated game of September 2022

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We are now close to the end of the summer, but this also means the return to the most lively period of the videogame market, as demonstrated by this rich September 2022, which includes several interesting games from which to choose the most anticipated game of the month. Unfortunately for everyone else, it is also the release month of Return to Monkey Island, which marks the return of a real myth on the scene, reappeared thanks to a sort of miracle that many believed was no longer even possible, so there was very little to fight on the matter, with Ron Gilbert’s creature having easily won the most anticipated game title of September. For the rest, however, there is very little to complain about: the next month is definitely full of experiences of various kinds, ranging from illustrious sequels to some big-caliber remakes, but above all a lot of completely new games.

In the meantime, we have also passed Gamescom 2022, which has brought with it a lot of news even if a few totally unpublished, but that was enough to make us immediately return to the climate of the most excited phases of the videogame market, in view of this autumn.

Considering the huge amount of postponements and strategic exits, the bulk of production should be definitively implemented only in 2023, but this does not mean that the next few months are destined to be discharged: precisely the lineup of this September 2022 should be indicative of a rhythm definitely supported for short-term releases, so let’s see how Return to Monkey Island was voted the most anticipated game of September 2022.

The most awaited by the editorial staff

Return to Monkey Island, a scene that evokes great memories

There is absolutely no doubt which is the most anticipated game of September by the editors of from the internal vote, Return to Monkey Island came first with a crushing advantage over all the others. It could not be otherwise, on the other hand: we are talking not only about the new chapter of a series that made the history of video games, but also about a new game developed by the main author of the first two chapters, or Ron Gilbert. This makes Return to Monkey Island the true sequel to the two great classics and we really can’t wait to get back to its atmospheres, although the graphic style chosen may be controversial. On the other hand, that Gilbert is still perfectly in shape also amply demonstrated with the excellent Thimbleweed Park, so we really expect great things from this sequel that has been awaited for years and years.

The runner-up, in the internal ranking of the most anticipated games of September 2022, was The DioField Chronicle, the new strategic RPG developed in collaboration by Lancarse and Square Enix.

Grounded is about to reach version 1.0

Difficult not to see it a bit as a sort of spiritual sequel to the famous Final Fantasy Tactics: in addition to the structure similar to the classic, even the medieval fantasy setting of Japanese taste and the epic themes really seem to remember him in several respects, but a remarkable original identity from this interesting project.

In third position among the most anticipated games, we find a tie between Grounded and Splatoon 3: the first is the definitive version of Obsidian’s excellent teen adventure movie-style survival of the 80s, while the second needs a lot of few presentations, given the fame achieved by the series.

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The most awaited by readers

The Last of Us Part I, a scene from the game

The Last of Us Part I, a scene from the game

Even the poll released to the readers appears decidedly clear: Return to Monkey Island is by far the most anticipated game of September 2022 for the community, with the new graphic adventure point and click which evidently turns out to be the most desired even by a more varied audience and not necessarily by “old” players such as members of the editorial team. On the other hand, it is a return from historical value and the importance of the event is easily understood by anyone who is even slightly immersed in the hobby.

On the other hand, the rest of the podium is different based on the results of the survey in question: in second place we find The Last of Us Part 1, which instead practically does not appear in the editorial ranking, probably because both the original and the remastered edition have already been played widely by most of its members, but evidently among the readers there are many who want to launch into the revised and corrected version of the Naughty Dog action.

To be honest, as a percentage of votes collected in second place we would find the usual “none” choice which often results among the most popular in this type of polls, but here we limit ourselves to considering the positions of the games evaluated positively.

Splatoon 3, a screenshot

Splatoon 3, a screenshot

In third place of the most anticipated games, we find also in this case Splatoon 3 and it is curious to see how here it is separated by only one percentage point from Grounded, which therefore comes fourth just off the podium. So this is a situation similar to that seen in the editorial vote, where the two games in question reached a tie. To follow, a few other games emerge in a particular way, but among these we can detect FIFA 23, Valkyrie Elysium, Steelrising and others.

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