ChatGPT, what is it? The new human technology between revolution and alarm (especially at school)

ChatGPT, what is it? The new human technology between revolution and alarm (especially at school)
ChatGPT, what is it? The new human technology between revolution and alarm (especially at school)
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With the increase in popularity of Chat GPTthe new and highly advanced chatbot developed by the Californian OpenAI already capable of writing essays, poems and self-improvement by learning from the questions we ask it, the new gold rush of the big names in Silicon Valley has also started to bring artificial intelligence into our homes .

Chat Gpt, the race between Microsoft and Google

Leading the charge is Microsoft, which in addition to having already put concrete investments on the table (a billion dollars to finance OpenAI in 2019, another ten could arrive shortly according to Bloomberg) has recently made the Azure OpenAI service available. thus enhancing its cloud computing platform, Azure, with AI developed by the Californian company OpenAI.

On the developer side, this means having immediate access to AI-based applications, including ChatGPT and DALL-E, an algorithm capable of generating images starting from a word. On the user side, we are talking about an important window into the future, because such an investment will hardly remain confined to the depths of the cloud. And it is probable that Microsoft will end up integrating some features of OpenAI also in its Bing search engine and in the Office package, thus bringing some practical applications of artificial intelligence (autocomplete, search, creation of images and speech synthesis) also towards companies and , later, in our homes.

However, Microsoft’s aims scare the leaders of Alphabet, Google’s parent company: OpenGTP is in fact able not only to carry out complex searches on the web but also to interpret and reorganize them into a coherent text. And in the not too distant future it could steal more and more users from the Big G search engine (which alone brings the Mountain View company 150 billion dollars). The leaders of Big G are now working tirelessly on a new version of Google (which could land on our browsers as early as the end of the year) complete with AI features, but according to the NY Times there are at least 20 other similar projects in the Google timeline, among including an imaging tool in the vein of DALL-E and a platform (called PaLM-Coder 2) capable of generating computer code, similar to Microsoft’s GitHub Copilot.

Gpt chat between popularity and controversy

The potential of these new technologies is immediately evident: ChatGPT, thanks to the hundreds of thousands of words on which its model has been trained, has an almost “human” look that immediately made it very popular. Especially among the kids, who immediately found a practical application for OpenAi’s new flagship jewel: using it to copy during exams. The alarm from academic and school circles was immediate. In the US, the app has been banned in schools, while in Australia there are already those who are thinking of going back to taking exams only with pen and paper. Meanwhile, a Princeton student has created GPTZero, an app capable of discovering whether or not a text has been written using artificial intelligence.


The revolution at school

Here in Italy, the Minister of Education Giuseppe Valditara immediately specified how this new technology has «the potential to revolutionize society, and consequently the school» but that it must in no way «supplement the teacher nor marginalize their role, which is decisive in all levels of school, especially in primary school”.

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Beyond the still open academic debate, OpenAI technology presents some security risks that are difficult to ignore. Researchers at analyst firm Check Point Software explain how too advanced AI, in the wrong hands, could lead to the development of increasingly credible phishing and fraud. Which, thanks to the widespread diffusion of AI-based image generation and speech synthesis systems, would make it practically impossible to distinguish man from machine.


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