How to preserve your iPhone battery for many years

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Fewer people are changing iPhones every one or two years, so it’s becoming increasingly important to preserve the battery to ensure battery life remains stable over time.

There battery of smartphones is a component that degrades over time, and if its power drops significantly, you won’t be able to use your iPhone for more than a few hours a day.

So here are 11 tips that will extend the life of your iPhone battery, so you can guarantee good battery life on a single charge for many years.

1. Do not turn off Optimized Battery Charging

Overcharging the battery is not good for its life cycle. There optimized battery charging learns from your daily charging routine and uses artificial intelligence to understand your charging patterns. By activating it, this option will wait to exceed the battery charge beyond 80% until it is needed. This process will slow down the rate of battery aging by reducing the amount of time a fully charged iPhone stays plugged into the charger.

For example, let’s say you go to sleep at 11pm every day and wake up at 7am. Before you go to bed, you plug in your iPhone every night at 11pm to charge it. Now, your iPhone will charge up to 80% normally, after which it will no longer charge. Then, around 5 or 6am, your iPhone will automatically resume charging and go to 100% before it wakes you up at 7am.

Optimized Battery Charging is turned on by default on iPhone. You can access it from the app Settings > Battery > Battery status and charge. Just make sure the option is not turned off.

2. Try not to overheat your iPhone

Heat, water and dust are the biggest enemies of any electronic device. And your iPhone’s lithium-ion battery is no exception. Too much heat can negatively affect it and significantly shorten its life span if you frequently overheat your iPhone.

So, during daily use, make sure your iPhone doesn’t get extremely hot. Especially in the summer, you can avoid this by removing the case, avoiding using too many intensive apps for too long, not leaving your iPhone in a closed car on a sunny day, and so on.

3. Avoid charging and discharging your iPhone completely

Taking the battery to either extreme is not good for his health. So for longer battery life of your iPhone, look to do not fully charge it to 100% and do not take it from 0 to 5%.

An advice? Don’t think too much about it. Keep the above in mind, but don’t get too fixated on the percentage. Sometimes it does nothing to charge your iPhone to 100%, as well as to completely discharge it. But still try to unplug it around 80 or 90 percent and plug it back in when the battery drops to around 30%.

4. Don’t leave your iPhone connected to power for hours or overnight

Optimized battery charging helps deal with the overload problem. However, it’s always best not to leave your phone plugged in for several hours or overnight. Obviously everyone has their own needs, and if you’re out and about all day it’s hard not to take advantage of the night hours to recharge your iPhone, but if you work in the office or in places where you can easily charge your iPhone, it can be a good habit to avoid charging it overnight when possible.

5. Use wired charging

Wireless charging is very convenient. However, it may generate a lot of heat which can affect your iPhone battery. So try to prefer the wired charging instead of wireless or MagSafe alternatives when possible.

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6. Fast charging only when needed

With the fast charging, the battery is forced to draw a lot of energy in a short amount of time. This is great for speeding things up when needed, but not good for long-term battery health.

7. Use Apple or MFi chargers and cables

Almost any adapter can charge your iPhone, and since Apple doesn’t provide a charger in the box, you might be tempted to go for a cheaper option.

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However, for best results, use an Apple or MFi-certified adapter. Chargers from other major manufacturers like Samsung should also have all the safety checks shouldn’t harm your iPhone, despite the absence of Apple certification. But always check the power of the charger before using it with your iPhone.

Also, also limit yourself to using only genuine or Apple-certified Lightning cables.

8. Disable the features you don’t use

Another tip to extend the life of your iPhone is reduce the load on the device. And one of the best ways to do that is to disable some iPhone features that you may not need. For example, you might turn off background app refresh, automatic updates, auto-brightness, and other features you probably don’t need.

9. Restart your iPhone regularly

To keep your iPhone in perfect condition, you should get into the habit of turning it off and on again regularly. This practice will fix many minor issues and keep your device fast and responsive.

10. Keep your iPhone updated

Apple introduces various improvements with software updates. Sometimes, unnecessary battery drain and other similar issues can be fixed by iOS updates. So, for best results, keep your device up to date by going to Settings > General > Software Update.

11. Are you planning not to use iPhone for a long time?

Finally, if for some reason you know you won’t be using an iPhone for a long time, make sure the battery is charged to about 50% before turning the device off for an extended period. Never store it fully loaded or fully unloaded.


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