LIVE TMW – Italy, coach Mancini: “Verratti can’t do it. Tonali and Pellegrini to be evaluated …”

LIVE TMW – Italy, coach Mancini: “Verratti can’t do it. Tonali and Pellegrini to be evaluated …”
LIVE TMW – Italy, coach Mancini: “Verratti can’t do it. Tonali and Pellegrini to be evaluated …”
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12.50 – The eight days dedicated to the national team begins today. Roberto Mancini’s Italy from this morning he finds himself in Coverciano to prepare the last two games of the Nations League group: on Friday evening Italy will host England at San Siro, on Monday evening they will play in Budapest against Hungary. This is the classification of group 3 after four rounds.

Hungary 7
Germany 6
Italy 5
England 2

12.55 – Start of the press conference of the Mancini coach set at 13.30. Live text on

13.00 – The list of players called – On Friday evening, coach Roberto Mancini released the squad list for the two Nations League matches. CLICK HERE for the list of 29 chosen by the coach: Vicario, Provedel and Mazzocchi the new faces.

13.42 – The press conference begins.

How do you leave? What do you expect from these two games?
“The result will be important, this is a group where anything can still happen. We have to try to win both games to try to finish first. Then, together with the more experienced players, there are also some of the young players called in June” –

What were the criteria for these convocations?
“Spinazzola called me and told me he doesn’t feel great, he needs to work for two weeks and I left him at home. I left the others at home because they are two games, I didn’t want to call a lot of them. stayed at home different, but I thought it was right as they are playing so many races “.

There are many foreign strikers in Serie A
“It is certainly anomalous, unfortunately the big teams have had many foreign strikers for some time. The only one who has been there for some time is Immobile: we hope it is not an irreversible process and that 2-3 forwards may soon come out. that they can give the national team a future. It’s not a very small problem. “

What do you have in mind from a tactical point of view?
“You can do everything … I believe that you have to try to always have the same personality in playing, this is the most important thing. Then I don’t think the system can vary many situations, we have players who play in clubs in many cases 3 -5-2 but they are versatile players. The priority must be to play well “.

What does it tell us about the new ones?
“About the goalkeepers I say that I wanted to evaluate them, we want to evaluate them and see them. Right now we have many. Mazzocchi is not a kid, but he is doing very well and we are pleased to see him live”.

What are your thoughts after Germany’s 5-2?
“It’s never nice to lose 5-2, but even in that game there were good things. Sometimes you need games like that to see where to improve, we were in the fifth game at the end of a season and we struggled a bit. but I think the game helped us, especially for the younger players who had experience. In the first games of the Nations League, given the situation and the absence of the Europeans, we did well with five points “.

How are the injured?
“Verratti can’t make it, he took a hit. I think Tonali is not a big problem, Pellegrini we evaluate him between today and tomorrow, while Politano is quite well”.

Can you move on to 3-5-2?
“I do not reject this hypothesis a priori, but there must be a reason to change form. My fear is that by changing form the team stretches a bit, we physically are not very strong and we need to dribble. But it is not to be discarded .. . “

Are you calling someone instead of Verratti?
“Yes, we will probably call Frattesi …”.


What do you think of Scamacca’s path?
“We play against a team physically strong enough … Scamacca went to a difficult league and it will take some time to understand English football: 3-4-5 months it will take to understand and play in the Premier League, time he’s on his side and I think the championship can help him. ”

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What would you like to see improved in this retreat? What do you like about Udinese?
“Udinese are a team with few Italians, but they play well, they are physical, they have great quality players and they are there with merit at the moment. We need to improve in all aspects, we need to have more enthusiasm because clearly we are not in a very happy moment and we have to go back to have a little fun “.

What’s your mood?
“Until December it will not be easy. The players have the clubs, but it will be very difficult for us. But, as I said before, we have to find enthusiasm and that boost must be given to us by the fact that we have won the European championship. This. From when we started 4 years ago to today the Italian players have decreased, but we cannot do anything more than what they are doing. We also call those who are in Serie B, we have a bit of difficulty but we have to go ahead on our way “.

Do you want to comment on what happened in the Marche?
“I was right there, I’ve never seen it rain so much. The disaster happened 10 kilometers from my house, it shouldn’t happen anymore but we always say it later … We should fix things first. I really feel great regret”.

What news do you have about the possibility of voting in the elections?
“We can’t do anything on the spot … Now let’s first think about winning against England: then whoever is on the spot will probably go and on Sunday morning whoever wants to go can go, I think it’s also right”.

How did you find the Juventus players?
“We have two Juventus players, Bonucci is an expert and I don’t think he will have any problems and Gatti is really happy to be here.”

TMW – Napoli is the team with the most called up, why is that? And is Raspadori the center forward convincing you?
“It’s a team that has some Italians more than the others, 3 have been here for a long time but also Politano has always been part of the project. I think it’s good for him to play in the Champions League. ”

How did Milan-Napoli seem to you yesterday?
“I saw several games at the beginning of the season, some very intense. There are good games, others a little less, but I think this happens in all leagues. Milan-Napoli was great, but I don’t think it brings us closer to the English championship because in Premier are all like this, even the last against the penultimate “.

What do you think of the young people who have gone abroad? And Juventus, which is the only one to lead the Under 23 team?
“Going to play abroad can help you, the hope is that they can also play many games. Miretti two years ago was in the Under 23 team, now a starter in Juventus. Of course, he can help.”

Have you seen the staggering Balotelli video?
“No, I haven’t seen him. Who in life has never staggered? Honestly, I haven’t seen him.”

Who plays in MLS is left out?
“No, no one is left out. Insigne probably would have come, but he had a very serious family problem.”

14.07 – Press conference concluded.

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