Rugby Serie B. “Draw” between Lecco and Brescia

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Larians lose the match between Serie B teams (12-17)

Nice victory for the U19 youth (19-12)

BRESCIA – The match between Rugby Lecco And Rugby Brescia which took place yesterday at the Invernizzi bushel in Brescia. The Larians lose the challenge between the senior teams but win the one with the U19.


Brescia is a level opponent, playing the Serie B championship in the Veneto group, with good physical prowess. The match against the Blucelesti was played over 70 minutes (40 + 30) with large rotations and a “no contact” scrum.

In the first half Lecco makes the game, but it is not concrete and fails to fully realize the many offensive actions. The Brescia players take advantage of two blue-sky errors and go to the break on the score of 12-7, with the Lecco goal scored by Vacirca and transformed by Coppo.
The second half was fought, but Lecco failed to impose their aggressive play due to the rules and the match ended on the score of 17-12. The Larian signature was the work of Alippi.

To save the honor of Lecco took care of the U19, able to beat the same age of Brescia with a score of 19-12.


“I’m happy, in the first half we had many chances but we were conditioned by the strong wind and punished by a couple of defensive inattentions – he declares coach Sebastian Damiani – in the second we did more possession and good deeds. I took the opportunity to experiment a bit, the approach to both races was excellent ”.

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